What is Zorbing and why is it now so popular?

Zorbing is an extreme sport, but not like anything else you’ve experienced. David and Andrew Akers first spun out the idea in New Zealand in the mid 90’s, and since then it has taken off around the world. The activity itself is simple… climb inside a huge inflatable ball and throw yourself down a hill or down a water slide. Strange? Yes. Fun? Definitely. Good for stag and hen parties. ABSOLUTELY.

Don’t you remember rolling down those hills when you where a kid? This is exactly the same thing, but minus the high risk of injury and grass stains. The huge bubble ball around you acts as a protective barrier, so you can bounce and roll to your hearts content, without any cuts and bruises. Enjoy the thrill of speed and bouncing around without having to endure the full impact of slamming into the floor every time. The double walled ball keeps you 100% safe!

How much fun can this really be for adults?

You’d be surprised. The fun of zorbing really comes from its novelty rather than the age of the participant. By this I mean it’s definitely more of a one-time-experience, rather than a continual hobby. I mean, rolling down hills is bound to lose it’s value after a certain point. It’s therefore a perfect activity for hens/stags wanting to try something a bit adventurous and unique. It’s probably important to note that if you have older relatives in attendance, they might not be quite so thrilled by the prospect of launching themselves down a hill or water slide in one of these.

This is definitely one for those enjoying a bit of adrenaline, and probably not for those who suffer with bad motion sickness! However, we guarantee you it’s a lot of fun and you won’t stop laughing!

The best part?

It’s included in our builder packages, so you can select it from our options. Easy as that. You don’t have to worry about organising anything! You just need to turn up, choose between harness sphering or aqua sphering, and you’re ready to go race along at 25 mph inside a 12 ft inflatable Sphere!

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If you’ve tried zorbing before, share your pictures and stories with us in the comments section below! We’d love to hear about your experiences.