Bring the Love this Season with our Winter Date Ideas!

The cold, dark nights can sometimes seem endless, and it doesn’t always set up the right mood for romance. But don’t let the frosty bite in the air keep you from setting aside quality time for you and your loved one. Whether you want to stay indoors, or brace the cool crisp air, we’ve got something you’ll love. So settle in with your Bailey’s or your hot cocoa, and grab some inspiration from our list of winter date ideas. It’s sure to keep the romance flowing this wintry season and tackle those January blues.

Netflix and Stay Warm

Avoid the cold altogether and stockpile on some supplies, because we know not everyone likes the cold. Grab a bottle of wine, or some beers from the store, and drag your duvet, blankets and pillows to your sofa. Make sure you have plenty of sweet treats and savoury snacks, get the fire going and snuggle up on the couch. Finally get round to binge watching that show you’ve been meaning to watch for months, or re-watch an old classic film. Either way, you can enjoy each other’s company without having to worry about losing feeling in your feet, and getting a Rudolph red nose. This is a perfect date for laid back couples, who like comfort, warmth, and spending time in their jammies!

Ice Skating

Hit the local ice rink and cut some shapes with your partner (or wobble around the edge while clinging on for dear life). Pull on your mittens, wrap your scarf tightly and zip your coat up to your chin. Strap up your skates and tug on your hat. Take the plunge, that first step is always the scariest. And then your away. Forget about how good (or bad) you are at skating and just have a laugh. Skate, slip and slide around the rink hand in hand, if you trust your partner not to pull you over if they fall! Skating is a great winter date for those looking for a seasonal activity that’s a bit more active! It’s always a good laugh, and nobody cares if you’re not quite Torville and Dean. If you’re lucky, your town/city might even have an outdoor rink!

Hot Tub

Forget the cold and jump into a hot bubbly tub and relax. Have a chance to chat and reconnect, and enjoy some much needed chill time over the busy holiday season. Feel your muscles relax and your head clear as the bubbles fizz around you, and if you’re feeling extra glam, have a glass of bubbles as well. Visit a spa, hire one for home, or make a DIY one in your back yard. All you need is a gazebo, some fairy lights and a deep paddling pool. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune. This is a perfect date for those who like a touch of glam and love to relax!


Nothing shouts winter like s’mores! Make sure you keep a stash of s’mores ingredients in the cupboard for a surprise date night. That way you don’t have to plan ahead, and when you find some spare times, you can have a spontaneous date night! Use a non-scented candle, or a s’mores kit, if you have one, to roast your marshmallows if you want to stay indoors. Alternatively, head outdoors, get a fire burning, wrap up warm and drag out some old blankets. Roast your mallows, watch the stars and catch up with each other. This date is ideal for couples leading very busy lives because it can be thrown together with very little planning. Perfect!

Snowball Fight!

Are you competitive? Not bothered by the cold? If you’re lucky enough to have some snow this Winter, challenge your spouse to a snowball fight! Wrap up warm, get some dry towels ready for you, and put the radiators on ready for your epic return. Set up a perimeter, and go! Perfect your art of snowball making, and test your aim as you spend an hour hurling snowballs at each other, and dodging in coming assaults! It’s a great date for spontaneous couples, who like a good laugh and embracing in their inner children. It’s also perfect for parents who want to do something with their children as well. You could even invite out your neighbours to join in the battle if you’re feeling brave!

Got anything else for us?

These are just our top five ideas that we’ve seen/ heard about, but we know you’ve all got plenty more! How do you spend the cold evenings and what do you do for you winter date nights? We’d love to hear from you, so if you have anymore ideas or any stories, drop us a comment below!

With this blog wrapping up 2017 here at Stag and Hen Newcastle, we’d like to wish you and your families a very Happy Christmas and a great start to the New Year!