Enjoy a special wedding day without breaking the bank!

With the stag do and hen do out of the way, it’s time to start looking forward to the big day. And that means it’s time to start considering costs and budgets. Don’t sacrifice all of your hard earned cash on your big day. Save money with our handy lists of ways to cut costs, and then put your savings towards something fun like your honeymoon. Follow our list and then enjoy a cheaper, but no less magical wedding day!

Cut the Guest List

Invite the people you are closest to and only offer plus 1’s to people who don’t know any other guests. This will cut costs on food and means you will need a smaller venue.

Avoid Peak Season

Don’t automatically opt for a Summer Saturday. Consider mid-week, off-season dates to save some cash. If you’re going to be inside most of the time, a little rain or a cool breeze won’t make that much difference.

Use Bigger Tables at the Reception

Group more people together on less tables to save on centrepieces and tablecloths. Plus it makes for a more social atmosphere and brings people who don’t know each other together.

Swap out Costly Flowers

Find floral arrangements that are still beautiful, but cheaper than the cliché and popular choices. You can save so much money by choosing less pricey flowers, but come out with an equally lovely arrangement.

Buy In-Season Flowers

Pick floral arrangements that are seasonally available. They’ll be available in an abundance and will therefore be a lot cheaper than off-season flowers.

Send Single-Page Invites

Don’t mail out bulky, thick or heavy invitations. You’ll end up paying a fortune in P&P costs, especially if you’ve got a long guest list.

Make Your Own Menu Cards and Invites

Create your own decorations, invites and menu cards/ seating plan. Getting them done professionally can cost so much money when you can do an equally good job for half the price.

Be your own DJ

Personalise a playlist on Spotify, or burn some CD’s with your favourite disco tracks on. This way you save money by not hiring a DJ/band, and you can guarantee the music will be to your taste!

Skip the Professional Photographer

iPhone’s have created a new generation of photographers. Refrain from hiring professionals, and instead ask for your guests to email you their own images from the day. You’ll get way more photographs, and they’ll be so much more relaxed, unposed and personal. Alternatively, provide some cheap disposable cameras on each table so everyone can get involved.

Host the Ceremony and Reception at the same Venue

Save money on travel by holding everything at one place. It’ll save you money and time, and also make it easier for guests to transition from the ceremony to the after party.

Don’t Host a Sit-Down Dinner

Consider hosting a buffet rather than a formal sit down dinner. Mass catering will save you money, and a buffet offers more variety so you won’t have to worry about any dietary requirements of your guests (or those picky eaters!)

Choose a Venue that needs Minimal Decoration

Pick somewhere pretty enough on it’s own, so that you can save money on decorations. Enjoy an outdoor wedding amongst nature, of go for somewhere rustic and charming.

Find Alternatives to Fresh Bridesmaid Floral Bouquets

Have your bridal party carry something different. Options might include candles, lanterns, baskets of confetti or even fake flowers.

Shop in the Dress Sales

Don’t be afraid to bag a bargain on your wedding dress. And don’t feel inclined to go for a wedding gown. White, non-wedding formal dresses from high street stores will save you a tonne of money, and can look equally as lovely!


Put anything you don’t need online and get as much money back as possible. People will snap up second hand wedding decorations, table centrepieces and even dresses, and you’ll get some of your money back. Win-win.

Know What You Don’t Need!

Don’t waste money on novelty rubbish that you really don’t need. Put down the personalised napkins with your face on. Nobody wants to wipe their mouths with a picture of you, no matter how good you look.


Have you got any more tips you’d like to share?

Comment below with any of your secret bargain-bagging tricks or money saving quirks, and help out a fellow bride/groom to be!