Inspiration for the perfect wedding presents!

We know getting the perfect gift for the newlyweds can be difficult. Pick something unique. Choose something personal. Be different and quirky. Don’t break the bank. All of these are probably running through your head when you start to consider wedding presents for the bride and groom. Don’t worry. Here at Stag and Hen Newcastle, we’ve put together some ideas that you can use for some much needed inspiration.

For the Wanderers…

Travelling couples are likely to enjoy something a bit on the adventurous side. Look for travel vouchers, train tickets, or budget tours that will allow them to explore places that are on their bucket lists. Save money by looking at off-peak seasonal holiday times (although keep in mind work commitments). If there are is a  big group of you that are planning on buying a shared gift, consider something like an InterRail pass which will let them choose where they want to go! If these are a bit costly, or the couple have already arranged a trip, buy something useful such as guidebooks, camping equipment or whatever they will need for their holiday. Alternatively play it cute by purchasing a scratch-off travel map, travel listography book, or an album for all their pics. Any of these are perfects wedding presents for those with a taste for wanderlust and adventure!

For the Old Romantics…

Are the special couple a sucker for romance? Look for something that they can do as a pair. Champagne tasting, chocolate tasting and cooking classes are all popular ideas! Alternatively, book them a meal at their favourite restaurant or arrange a date that reflects their first date!

For those Needing a Helping Hand…

Lend a helping hand as the happy couple start their new lives together. Buy vouchers for supermarkets or homeware stores if they are moving house or renovating. Another idea would be to offer your services. Offer to babysit, or be proactive at their wedding ceremony (if you’re a keen photographer or a good caterer for example). Although these gifts might not sound like much fun, the couple will really appreciate the help. Trust me, a couple who are struggling a bit will appreciate practical gifts rather than photo frames and ornaments!

For the Sentimentalists

Find something sweet and soppy for the couple who cherishes memories, nostalgia and all things cute and lovey-dovey! Put together something handmade, such as a memory frame, with dates, photographs and times of significant events in the couples relationship. Include the place and date of their first date, engagement, wedding, and any other adventures they’ve been on. Another idea is to make a max tape of their favourite tracks, or a video montage of their relationship. They’ll love anything that showcases their past together.

For the Active Couples

Consider buying an experience day or an adventure weekend. Ideas might include paintballing, zorbing, surfing (location permitting), kayaking, or hiking trips. Other ideas might include camping, archery or driving experiences. For those who prefer less strenuous activities consider paying for couple yoga or pilates classes. They’ll love anything they can jump right into!

For the Movie Lovers

Film mad couples will love cinema vouchers, subscriptions to streaming services such as Netflix, or boxsets of their all time favourite shows. You can often hire out cinemas for events and parties, OR if there is a large group of you sharing gift giving, have a look into pricing up a new TV set or surround sound system. That way they can enjoy blockbusters from home, without missing out on the cinematic experience!