Stages of Wedding Planning Expressed Through Tay Swift Pics

Are you about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Tears. Tantrums. Doubts. Moments of pure joy, followed by heaps of stress. Yes, we mean planning your wedding. Obviously, your wedding is going to be the most wonderful, and special day of your life… but the trek to marriage isn’t all flowers and bridal fittings. Unfortunately. To lighten up the mood, we’ve picked one of the biggest pop stars, and one of the most expressive, to fill you in on what’s coming your way. You know, just so you’re prepared. Enjoy. We give you, Taylor Swift’s Wedding Planning.


CONGRATULATIONS! You’re engaged! Your heart is racing, you’re possibly screaming and maybe crying a little bit (hopefully happy tears). You can’t believe it! You’ve got so much to look forward to, and all you can picture is looking like a princess on your big day! Jump up and down with excitement, and hug everyone around you! In this moment, everything is bliss, everything is picture perfect, fairytale-esque. And so it should be. If they did it right, the proposal was personal and romantic. So scream, smile, laugh, cry and enjoy the moment!





You’ve bought every bridal magazine, and have opened up 6 million tabs on your laptop for inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram. Get your highlighters out, your wedding planning journal, and your pens. It’s time to get organised. Write out your to do list and feel super organised, for a fun 5 minutes, until you realise just how much there is to do. We did say it’s not going to be easy!





Oh god. There is so much to do. The list is endless. How are you going to get through all of these jobs before your wedding date… wait… have you even decided a date yet? So much to do, and it feels like you have so little time. This might be a bit more difficult than first anticipated right?





The shopping never ends. But it’s your big day, so you’re allowed to spend all your hard earned money. You definitely need those personalised napkins and to fly into your wedding in a hot air balloon. You’ll probs be tempted to throw your money at anything that seems like a good idea at the time… truth is, it’s best to really think about what you NEED first.





You’ll probably find yourself going a little mad. There’s no wonder when you’ll be drowning in floral arrangements, fittings, wedding venues, lists of photographers etc… You’ll probably feel like you want to scream a lot, and yell, and throw stuff. Probably best you take up a boxercise class to blow off the steam instead.





This wedding stuff is really quite expensive isn’t it?


Dietary requirements, plus one’s, kids… guests needs can be a pain in the butt. It’s no wonder you’re feeling pouty! You have enough to sort out without guests handing you their lists of demands and requirements right?





You’re going to the belle of the ball. You’re going to feel and look like a princess, and all of that hard work will have paid off!