Finding the perfect wedding dress

Unfortunately, shopping for that one perfect wedding dress isn’t all smiles, complimentary champagne and fairytales. Expect times when you feel like pulling your hair out, crying, and calling the whole thing off. Don’t worry, you’re not the first. You want to look stunning whether you’re looking for something that screams ‘princess’, or something more subtle, and finding the perfect outfit is important. But where do you start? Who do you take along? How long should it take? Relax, and let us help. At Stag and Hen Newcastle, we’ve spoken to and got the best advice from brides who have been through it all.

Where do you start?

Whilst it’s a good idea to go in with some ideas of what you like, don’t be completely set on them. Be prepared to drift away from the pics pinned on your Pinterest board, or the magazine clips stuck in your wedding book. Try different things. Listen to advice, and be realistic about the dresses you want. We’ve heard from several brides that the dress styles they liked just didn’t suit their figures. They had to change their minds. Don’t lose faith and despair if your original plans and ideas don’t work out. Be open minded to trying new styles that you maybe didn’t consider before, and consider asking the dress fitters for advice. The professionals will know how to choose a dress that fits your body better than anyone.

Store wise, this very much depends on your budget, location/transport and whether you have a personal preference. Start local, looking at dress shops in your area which fit within your price range and then move outwards. Not only will this save you trekking around for miles just to see if there’s something you like, but it will save you time and money on dress fittings and picking up the dress.

Who do you take?

Choose a couple of close friends/family members to go with you. Avoid taking any young children- they’ll quickly get bored with watching you have all the fun. More importantly, take people along who are going to be completely honest with you. It’s better to have straight talking friends who will tell you which dresses don’t suit you, than people who’ll tell you that you look great in anything. Select people that help you pick a dress that really shows you off and highlights all your features, and honesty really is the best policy for this.

Mum’s, grandmothers, sisters and best friends are often the greatest choice because you can count on them to tell the truth, without being too harsh. They’ll find the right way to tell you if something isn’t quite right, and then you’ll come out looking top.

What do you wear?

I know it might sound a bit strange… having to think about what you need to wear to go and try on dresses. But honestly, it helps. Wear something easy to slip on and off- leggings and a t-shirt or a loose dress (weather permitting) to save time faffing about unbuttoning, zipping and buckling. Another thing to consider is underwear. Go for a nude strapless bra and some nude NVPL pants which will fit with most dresses that you try on and give you a proper image of how the dress fits you.



1) Be open minded to different dress styles

2) Take people who are going to be honest with you

3) Wear suitable underwear

Some brides find their perfect wedding dress in one shop, for others it takes a bit longer. But don’t give up after a couple of failed trips, it’ll be worth it in the end! Whether you’re looking for a princess gown, or a contemporary jumpsuit, whether you’re a lace lover or a sucker for silk… there’s a perfect outfit for everyone.


Let us know how you get on, or drop us some of your own tips in the comments section!