Do you have a lot of children invited to your wedding?

childrenChildren will be a dream whilst they’re still excitable and fresh eyed. But once the hunger, tiredness and boredom start to set in, you could be at risk of some crocodile tears!

If you’ve got a reasonable amount of little’ns invited, some of the following ideas might save you having to deal with some toddler tantrums on your big day!


Kids burn their fuel pretty fast, and once their stomach starts to rumble, their mood becomes pretty unpredictable. Having some little snacks on their reception table, or little bags of goodies will keep their appetite, and tantrums, at bay! From bread and butter, to bowls of crisps- if they’ve got happy stomachs, they’re more likely to be smiling.


Weather permitting, lawn games will keep the younger ones entertained for hours! From giant Jenga and Connect4 to Twister, games will get all of the kids playing together and having fun. If your budget can stretch, kids love a bouncy castle! Get kids (including all of you big kids) bouncing around, burning off some energy and having a great time!


If the weather is likely to be poor make space for a games table. Save your money and dig out your old board games from the attic! Hungry Hippos, Operation, Buck-a-roo, and Operation are family favourites and will be sure to keep your kids entertained and socialising amongst themselves!

OR if you want something a bit more creative, how about an arts and crafts table? Provide some crayons, paper, child-safe scissors, glitter, glue and so on, and let the kids imaginations run wild.


Kids love being made to feel important, so make them feel important! Provide them with disposable camera and let them take the floor as your mini photographers. Sure, you’re going to end up with some pictures of little fingers and thumbs, probably a few floor snaps and a lot of blurred portraits, but where’s the harm! The kids will have a great time clicking away, and you can have a good laugh at the results (and you might even be lucky enough to come away with some candid shots!)

IDEA: Kids I-Spy Give each child a list and disposable camera- and they have to capture as many shots of the list as possible!


childrenYoung kids generally are pretty good at socialising with other children their age, so a kids table might be perfect! Giving them their own table, will make them feel special, grown up and exclusive! Personalise their table with activity packs, sweets and pink lemonade in champagne flutes. They’ll love feeling like adults and being independent!

If there’s room, what about a piñata to let them kill some of that extra energy. It’ll have them laughing away amongst themselves, and will keep them occupied whilst waiting for their food to arrive.


If you’ve got money left in the kitty it could be worth hiring a helping hand to make sure the little ones are kept busy and behaving. That way you don’t have to worry about what mischief they’re all getting up to.

Face-painters, magicians, balloon modellers, or general child minders will definitely keep all the kids entertained and focused on an activity, so you are free to enjoy your day, worry-free. It’s probably best to avoid clowns- they look out of place at weddings, and you never know how children are going to react to them!


Making them feel special…

Kids might get a little jealous if adult attention isn’t on them, so making them feel special is key to keeping them happy! For example:

  1. Every child get’s a picture with the bride and groom! This will make childrenthem feel valued and a part of the big day.
  2. Goodie bags on the table and personalised name cards. Although their only young, they’ll feel acknowledged!
  3. Mentioning their names in the speeches! Even just a brief nod in their direction will make them feel important.
  4. Kids first dance! Each parent takes their child onto the dance floor for a parent/child first dance. They’ll feel more included in the days events!