Make the moment amazing and choose the perfect first dance song!

Now your hen weekend and stag weekend are sorted, it’s time to look forward to your wedding! You’ve probably got a mental list as long as your arm for that special first dance song, but narrowing it down to just one is going to be difficult. We’ve all heard the classic ones before; Aerosmith, Jason Mraz, Elvis Presley and so on.

And there’s nothing wrong with these iconic ballads, but if you’re looking for something a little different, whether you’re more of an indie fan, or a contemporary music fan, here’s a few ideas to spark some inspiration.

Tim Halperin- Forever Starts Today

A 2016 folk song that’s sure to set everyone’s sights to a beautiful and bright future. With a beautiful melody, and even more beautiful lyrics, this song will set the perfect tone for the start of your forever together.

“Oh the wonder that awaits
Here we are
Forever starts today”

Ed Sheeran- Fall or Perfect

Everyone jumped on the Photograph bandwagon, but Ed Sheeran has some lesser known tracks that are perfect for a first dance song! Stunning guitar chords, and lyrics that truly encapsulate the meaning of finding your soulmate, means these songs are just what you could be looking for.

“You and I, Two of a mind
This love’s one of a kind”

“I’m dancing in the dark with you between my arms”

You Me At Six- Take on the World

No doubt, as a couple you may have faced some tribulation and turbulence in your lives, and this empowering song is about not letting those problems get in the way, and about supporting each other through thick and thin. With a slow acoustic start which builds up to a powerful bridge, this is a truly amazing song that is honest, raw and captivating.

“And just say the word, we’ll take on the world
Just say you’re hurt, we’ll face the worst
Nobody knows you the way that I know you
Look in my eyes. I will never desert you”

Paramore- The Only Exception

Hayley Williams’ superb songwriting explores finding faith in love when life has given her reasons not to. It’s about finding that one person who proves to you, that all your cynicisms about love are false. An uplifting track, that is personal and intimate, and ideal for your first slow dance.

“I promised I’d never sing of love if it does not exist.
But darling, you are the only exception”

Suede- Stay Together

This indie track from 1994 provides everything that an iconic indie track promises. Great guitar riffs, unique vocals, original lyrics and a melodic beat, perfect for swaying around the dance floor together. A great first dance song if you enjoy music that’s a little unheard of and off-the-beaten-track.

“Stay together
Let’s stay, these days are ours
Stay together
Two hearts under the skyscrapers”


Gabrielle Aplin- Home

Singer-songwriter Gabrielle Aplin explores finding home wherever you end up. With an emphasis on the idea that  home can be anywhere as long as you’re with the right people, this piano track encapsulates the bond between a newly wedded couple!

“As long as we’re together
Does it matter where we go?”

Billy Joel- She’s Always a Woman or She’s Got a Way

Falling in love with someone, means loving all of them unconditionally. In She’s always a woman, icon Billy Joel speaks of falling in love with a woman openly and honestly, exploring her flaws and quirks, but emphasising how he loves her regardless of all of that. She’s got a way is softer, and more gentle- a typical love song, that’s well written and beautifully performed. Either one of these classic tracks would make a perfect first dance song!

“But she’ll bring out the best and the worst you can be
Blame it all on yourself cause she’s always a woman to me”

“She comes to me when I’m feelin’ down
Inspires me without a sound”

Passenger- Anywhere

This one’s a bit more upbeat if you want something a bit more energetic and fun-sounding for your first dance song. Folk singer-songwriter Passenger delivers a punchy song about wanting to go everywhere and anywhere with his lover, no matter how difficult it is to get there. A song about unconditional love, and overcoming obstacles to be together.

“Oh, and I will be with you
When the darkest winter comes
Oh, and I will be with you
To feel the California sun”

Tim Chadwick- Belong

Finding belonging in a person is half of what falling in love is about, and Tim Chadwick delves into learning that home isn’t all about houses, it’s about emotion and connectivity with other people. A beautiful song that looks at human connectedness and love.

“It ain’t the bricks that call you home, it’s where you belong”

Nova Amor- Carry You

Life is a rollercoaster of ups and downs, and marriage is a commitment to love each other through all of that. This is a first dance song that really reinforces ‘through sickness and in health’ and ‘through good times and bad’… It’s a promise that no matter what happens, you will always be there to carry your partner through, and face everything together.

“In all your blame, in all your pain
I will carry you always”

James Taylor- Something in the Way She Moves

This folk/ country number from James Taylor is taken from 1968, but it’s message still resonates as loving, gentle and beautiful all these years later. It’s about finding comfort in the small things that your partner does, and finding peace with them, even when times seem tough.

“Something in the way she moves, or looks my way, or calls my name
That seems to leave this troubled world behind”

Ben Howard- Promise

On a day of promises, what better first dance song than a song titled as such. Promising your lives together, through thick and thin, and learning and growing together is all part of those vows you made- Ben Howard captures this with his lovely original words and low-key, melodic guitar.

“And promise me this
You’ll wait for me only”

Morrissey- Interlude

Don’t be fooled, Morrissey isn’t all doom and gloom. His outstanding talent for writing raw, relatable and honest lyrics has seeped into romance in this magnificent track about finding love that has perhaps been there for longer than you know. The melody is fit for a ballroom, and makes a very unique, grand first dance song.

“Loving you
Makes the whole world change
Loving you, I could not grow old”

Ben Folds- The Luckiest

A pretty guitar song about realising how lucky one is to have found their soulmate, exploring all of the ‘by chance’ events that led up to meeting each other. The song really tells a chronological story of growing up, finding love and living life together, without ever taking it all for granted.

“And where was I before the day
That I first saw your lovely face,
Now I see it every day”


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