Inspiration for your Wedding Transport!

You don’t just want to rock up in the back your family car to the biggest day of your lives! Do something memorable, unique and unforgettable, whether it’s traditional transport, or something on the quirky side! Read our list below to spark your creative flow and organise something brilliant! Some even double as brilliant transport methods for your hen or stag weekend!


Add some celebrity VIP glitz and glamour to your day by indulging in a limousine decked out with lights, champagne and music. This one is ideal for your wedding party! Get your best man, ushers and page boys, or your maid of honour and bridesmaids all together and let them party their way to your venue. A classic, but one that surely never goes out of style!


transportVintage Cars

Turn heads in a beautiful classic car, that will have you feeling as elegant as Audrey Hepburn (or the computer digitised version) in that Galaxy advertisement! Grab everyone’s attention, and ignite some car-envy amongst the classic car-fans you’ll pass on the road by rolling up in your favourite vintage vehicle. Not only are they comfy and chic, but they make for perfect wedding photographs!

transportHappy Campers

Relive the hippy movement and hire yourselves a good ol’ classic VW Camper Van! Match the colour of the car to your wedding colour themes, and relax in a spacious, comfortable area (plenty of space for long wedding dress trains!) Channel those hippy vibes by decorating with floral arrangements, fairy lights and flowing nets, for a vintage 60’s ensemble that makes for great pictures!


transportWe all scream for Ice Cream!

Relive your childhood memories and roll up in an old ice cream truck! This one’s fun, lighthearted and great for the warm weather. Grab yourself a vanilla 99 on route, and sit back pull into your venue to the sweet sweet sound of the ice cream truck tune. It’ll be sure to bring out the child in everyone!

transportOn the Buses!

Ideal for your wedding party so that everyone can arrive together! Hire out a classic red double decker bus or a school bus and get everyone on board. (No fighting over the backseats though please). Count down how long it takes the best man to start a never ending chorus of the Wheels on the Bus, and time how long it takes everyone to start begging him to stop.


Nothing says vintage like a vespa! Be sure to grab everyone’s attention as you zoom up to your wedding ceremony on one of the greatest modes of transport to have graced history. Go for classic block colours, or liven it up with a pimped out, customised bike to add some fun to your day. Great for photo’s and a fantastically unique way to arrive in style at your venue!

transportSaddle Up!

Keen horse rider? Release your inner Lady Cadaver (with clothes) and elegantly ride your way up to the doors of your venue on a sturdy steed. Stun your friends and family with this graceful, and sophisticated entry which makes for gorgeous wedding photographs.

Horse and Carriage

If you’re not a horse rider but still want to feel like Cinderella (without the pumpkins and mice!) then hire a horse and carriage. Let your footman do the work and guide you through the streets towards your venue. It’s a timeless, classic and distinguished form of transport, that never fails to impress. Plus, if it rains, you’re undercover and you’re hair and makeup remains safely in tact!

transportF-air-ytale Wedding!

Splash the cash and take to the skies! Descend upon your ceremony in a hired helicopter and add some VIP vibes to your day. You’ll be sure to feel like a million bucks as you enjoy the birds eye view of the world as you drift among the clouds.

transportPick up Truck

Go all out American road trip. Truck-style. If you’re known for being fans of adventures, road trips, off-roading and hiking, this sturdy steel vehicle will echo your characters perfectly! From the classic red Chevrolet pick up, to Jeeps and Land Rovers! Whatever your style in big trucks, find the perfect ride!


If you’re planning a wedding by the water, why not fit in with the theme and hire a boat. Row (or be rowed) up to your ceremony, and enjoy the tranquil journey. This is particularly ideal if you can guarantee nice weather, but if not, you can always recreate that scene from The Notebook!