Top 5 Drinking Games For A Stag or Hen Do
Jan 13, 2017


Games are a prime way to kick-start the celebrations and have all the boys/girls laughing out loud! They can also a great way to break the ice between people and gets some uninhibited conversation flowing. The best thing about drinking games is that you don’t usually need a lot of props with you, if any, you just need to remember the rules, which tend to be quite simple to making things (seemingly) easy for everyone!


Beer pong is played with two teams of two people that stand at opposite ends of a beer pong table.
Each team has ten or six cups (lesser cups make a quicker game play) arranged in a triangular formation on the table in front of them, filled with their choice of beverage.
The team that starts the game is determined by a coin flip or something similar.
Once this is determined, a person from that team starts.
The aim is to take turns in throwing your ping pong ball into the opposing team’s cups.
Whichever cup your ping pong ball lands in, the opposing team has to drink the contents of that cup.
That cup is then put to one side and that cup is now out of the game.
You have your turn throwing the ball and then your team mate has his/her turn, then the opposing team will do the same until all of the cups have been removed/consumed from one side of the table.
The first team to eliminate all the cups wins!!


Grab a pint glass and place it in the middle of the table. Spread a pack of cards in a ring around the glass, and make sure there are no gaps (i.e. the circle is not broken). Players then take it in turns to select a card without breaking the circle. If the circle is broken, the player responsible must down his/her drink. Each card has it’s own distinct meaning. Rules vary from game to game, but our suggested rules are as follows:

A = Waterfall
2 = You – You can choose somebody else to drink.
3 = Me – You have to drink.
4 = Whores – all girls drink.
5 = Thumb Master
6 = Dicks – all guys drink.
7 = Heaven – the last person to point to the sky has to drink.
8 = Pick a mate – pick a drinking buddy. Every time you drink, he/she has to drink as well, until someone else picks up this card.
9 = Rhyme – Pick any word (e.g. cat) and the person next to you has to choose another word that rhymes with it. This continues until somebody hesitates or cannot think of a word. The person who messes up has to drink.
10 = Categories – Pick any category (e.g. premier league football teams) and go around in a circle naming teams. Whoever messes up first has to drink.
J = Make a rule – Make up any rule that must be followed for the remainder of the game. Anybody who disobeys the new rule must drink.
Q = I have never
K = If you choose a King, you have to add some of your drink to the dirty pint in the middle. The person who draws the last King must down the entire dirty pint.


Participants must sit in a circle, each with a drink.
The first player announces something he has never done, such as “Never have I ever eaten calamari”.
All players who have eaten calamari must take a sip of their drink.
The amount to drink must be predetermined at the beginning of the game.
It is recommended to play with beer, as shots can go down fast.
One by one, each players announces something that starts with “Never have I ever…”.
In some variations of the game, all players must put up their 10 fingers. Every time the drink, they put down one finger. The game ends when someone has all fingers down.


High or Low is played with a full deck of cards.
The first player is dealt a card and has to guess whether it’s high or low. If correct, he guesses again.
After taking at least three cards, the player may choose to pass or keep guessing.
When a player guesses incorrectly, he takes a drink for each card showing and his turn ends.
The idea is to build up a lot of cards and then pass them onto the next player.


Questions is sort of like Truth or Dare but without the dare.

Each player takes a turn being the questioner.
The questioner addresses another player by name and poses a yes/no question, which he/she must answer without hesitation.
The answerer then becomes the questioner and must ask another player a question immediately.
Repeating questions are not allowed.
Laughing before answering or asking is not allowed. Any violation of these rules is punished, obviously, with drinking.

Questions gets pretty silly very fast. If you ask the right questions, it can be a very interesting way to get to know new people.