The moment when a boozed up party boy who’s on a lads holiday gate crashes your hen do in Ibiza…..

Hen Do Crashr

Connor Waite got so drunk one night when he was holidaying it up with pals that he met some unlikely new friends who were also visiting the island for a hen party. The photo above shows Connor lying on his side in front of the group of hens with matching flashing tiaras and sashes. His self confidence levels would of shot through the roof after this, laying there like Charlie with his Angels surrounding him!

What awaited on this Hen Do Weekend?

The morning after the messy night before, Connor could only remember being put in a taxi and taken back to his apartment which was on the other side of the island – bet that taxi ride was fun for the driver! He only became aware of his antics when he was tagged in a series of photos on Facebook. Overindulging on the Jager Bombs isn’t always a good thing but it’s landed him the massive bonus of being surrounded by a group of pining females on their hen night. I bet most of his pals eyes were green with envy, watching their egotistical friend being pictured like a god, maybe they should have had a few more Jagers themselves.

So not only did Connor make several new BFFs and became the George Clooney of Ibiza in one night, he then went on to become an internet sensation when he decided to upload all of the photos on Twitter which ranked in thousands of likes and shares and sparking ambition to go on Hen dos all around the world. He then added that if any Hen Parties wanted another guest to join them, they had to just send him a message on Twitter.

He then went on to boast that the Bride of the hen party who he crashed actually messaged him and said her do was made all the better seeing him. So hens…. Get your bookings in now!