Handy Tips on How to Make Sure you Stay Safe in your Night Out!

Make sure you have a fantastic night and stay safe with our list of handy tips below. We all hate stolen items, getting lost, and injuries, so we’re here to help you avoid all of that. Avoid the stress, and take these small measure to ensure your night runs smoothly!

Know the Area

Are you heading to a new city for your hen/stag party? If that’s the case it’s always helpful to have some idea of where you want to go. Make sure your phone is fully charged so you’ll have google maps, and maybe plan roughly where you want to head. We don’t suggest you make an hourly schedule, as that takes out all the fun, but an idea of the areas you want to visit is helpful. Know how you’re getting to places, and be prepared to pay a little extra for taxis. This will reduce the chances of getting lost, and it’ll save you time!

Keep your Phone Charged

Have your mobile charged fully, and put it on power saving mode. Make sure it lasts throughout the night in case you lose members of your party, need to phone a taxi, or have an emergency. If you have a portable charger, and your handbag will allow the space, these can be great safety nets to make sure you can always get in contact with someone!

Don’t leave your personal belongings

We know this sounds obvious. But, after a few drinks, it’s easy to leave a bag on the table to go dance. Keep your stuff with you, or with a friend at all times. That way, nobody can take them whilst your distracted. Don’t display that you’re carrying lots of cash, or that you have an expensive phone. Keep them hidden as much as possible. Don’t forget, if you’re using card, to always cover your pin and then put it straight into your purse.


Always keep an eye on your drink. Don’t leave your drink and go back to it. Don’t accept drinks off strangers unless you have seen them being poured and accept them directly from the bartender. Only drink things that you have bought, and that have stayed with you, to avoid any problems.

Hotel Location

Always have your hotel location written down and saved in your phone. This is important so that you can always have some way of finding your way back at the end of the night.

We just want you to have a good time!

This might all sound a bit drab and dreary, but we do just want you to have fun. Stick to the tips above, and you’ll have no problems staying safe. Avoid any problems, and it’ll ensure your night runs without a hiccup… and after all, doesn’t that make for a good night? Stick together with your friends, stay safe, and most importantly have a great night!

Do you have any more tips on staying safe on your night out? If so, drop us a comment below; we’d love to hear from you!