Dares, Pranks and Challenges that’ll have you reeling!

If you don’t pull a few pranks on the groom, or partake in some ridiculous dares, then have you really been on a stag do? Dares are fundamental to a good night out, and after all, public ridicule is all part of the fun!

 I dare you to…

  1. … have a press up competition with a complete stranger.
  2. … mimic an accent and convince another person you are from that country.
  3. … serenade someone in a public area, but it’s got to be loud and proud!
  4. …wear your clothes inside out, and with your pants over your trousers.
  5. … hold hands with a stranger.
  6. …dance with a stranger without any explanation or introduction.
  7. …make the stag join in with a street busker.
  8. …not say no for an hour.
  9. …hit the dance floor and start line dancing, even if you don’t know how to!
  10. …start a striptease and see how far you dare to go!
  11. …stand on a chair or table and pretend to be a statue.

TIP: make a ‘dares’ tick list, and mark off the ones that have successfully been completed by each person! Better yet, put it on a t-shirt!

Prank Patrol

  1. Swap the stags shampoo for temporary hair dye or tinted shampoo and force him to flaunt a candy floss pink hairstyle for the entire night.
  2. Order him a male stripper and watch the embarrassment radiate from his face.
  3. Do the classic ‘tie him to a pole and strip him down to his underpants’ trick. An ambush might be required here!
  4. Put fake tan in his body wash and watch the lovely orange marble effect slowly appear before his night out.
  5. Give him a shave… eyebrows, bears, moustaches. Maybe not right before the wedding though- the bride wouldn’t be too pleased!
  6. Better yet, treat him to a wax. Legs, chest, back… or more extreme places. We’ll let you decide.
  7. Get the stag arrested. No, not literally. We don’t want any criminal records on our hands. Hire someone to dress up in police attire to make a fake arrest. Plant something incriminating on your stag (not literally illegal!) like a bag of talcum powder, and watch him panic!

Challenge Accepted

  1. Form a human pyramid. Anywhere.
  2. Start a conga line, in the club, in the street. Wherever you want!
  3. Get a photograph armwrestling with a bouncer.
  4. Hold tequila in your mouths without swallowing for as long as possible. Loser buys the next round!
  5. Convince someone to buy you a drink!
  6. End the night wearing completely different clothes than how you started. Swap or acquire new clothes during the evening!
  7. Stag, convince a bartender you’re actually in love with your best man.
  8. Get a woman’s undergarment and wear it!


It’s no fun if you don’t have some kind of punishment for failing a dare or challenge!

  1. Neck your drink.
  2. Down a cocktail of everyone else’s drinks.
  3. Stand somewhere and sing the national anthem as loudly as you can.
  4. Go into a group of strangers and dance erratically for 2 minutes before just walking away.
  5. Arm yourselves with felt tip pens- each time someone fails, you get to doodle on them.
  6. Between each pub; you have to hop, mimic a zombie, pretend you are a pigeon (sound and action effects required).