The advantages of celebrating your final nights of freedom sober!

Sobriety will not be the first thing that pops into mind when you think about a hen or stag party. You will probably picture dancing, loud music, beer, wines, champagne, sambuca shots, tequila shots, sourz shots. TOO MANY SHOTS, followed by inevitably holding back your friends hair while she throws up in the bathroom. But we’re here to tell you, that alcohol free parties are becoming more popular. Millennials aren’t enjoying the party scene as much as they used to, and businesses are starting to notice. So why are people choosing to go it sober? Well, maybe these benefits to celebrating without alcohol may have swayed the vote.


Alcohol isn’t cheap. And the more you drink, the more you buy. Then as the drunken happy haze overpowers you, your generosity knows no bounds. It’s a round of drinks here, and a tray of shots there, a beer for the strangers at the bar, and a healthy tip for the hostess. And then your friend throws up in the taxi home, and it’s another £50/60 charge.  By the end of the night, you’ve burned a hole in your wallet, pockets, and your savings account. Staying sober means you can track your money more easily, can be wiser when buying (soft) drinks, and can budget your night a lot easier. You can have drive, so you won’t have to pay for a taxi or wait in the cold for one! Plus your drinks are cheaper, and you’re less likely to lose money/ drop it when you’re not absolutely hammered!


The alcohol has kicked in, your throwing yourself around the dance floor, jumping up on tables, and (metaphorically…we hope) swinging from the ceiling. You don’t notice your bank card clatter on the floor, or your keys fly out of your bag, or your phone slip from your pocket. Before you know it, your stood in the freezing cold outside your house with no keys to get in, and no mobile to call anybody. We all know that as we drink, we become less responsible, but when we’re sober we’re more likely to actually take care of our things, and keep tabs on where they are.


Along the carelessness route again, we’ve all had a slip, trip and fall when we’ve had one, or ten, too many. Whether we was victimised by a flight of tricky stairs, or subject to a spilled drink on the dance floor, most of us have ended up on our butts at some point. Whilst most of the time, we just wake up a bit sore, and with a few mystery bruises, this can be a lot more serious. Trips to A&E are timely, and costly to the NHS, and can also have lasting impacts on you. The world isn’t bubble-wrapped, and there’s risk associated with pretty much anything. But alcohol unnecessarily increases it. Is it worth it when there are so many sober activities to do instead!?


You won’t drunk dial your ex, or text them, or snapchat them. You won’t chomp down on three kebabs and a portion of cheesy chips and gravy when you’ve been vegan for three months. There’ll be no kissing a stranger, or giving some random person your phone number. No drinking too much and throwing up in the bathroom, and waking up feeling awful the next morning. All we can see are plusses!


You’ll actually remember everything, without that cloudy, drunken haze. You can have a hen and stag party that you really won’t forget. Surely that’s better than blank patches of nothing?


Imagine waking up the day after your hen and stag party with a clear head, no nausea or dizziness. The light doesn’t burn your eyes and your mouth doesn’t feel like the sahara dessert. Your head isn’t pounding and your organs aren’t screaming. You haven’t poisoned yourself with alcohol, but you still had an amazing time, yet you are still 100% functional and ready for a productive day!


You are spoilt for choice on what to do instead of drinking. Sober activities are growing in popularity, especially team building sports and games. Paintballing, go-karting, dance classes, spa days, and escape rooms are some of the most popular activities for groups of stags and hens. But really, that’s just a few from a VERY long list, so you’re sure to find something perfect for you! Good news is, we offer loads- and we plan it all for you!


Whether you’re after a sober hen/stag party weekend, or a party weekend… we’ve got you covered with tonnes of sober activities, club/bar deals, and hotel packages!

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