Have the relationship everyone dreams of!

Show you love your partner everyday, forever. That’s basically what a relationship is. It’s a promise, a vow and a commitment to cherish, appreciate, respect and love your partner through life. But life isn’t all grand gestures and big wedding ceremonies. Life is the little things. It’s the day-to-day things that all add up. Around the chaos of work, and housework, watching the kids and paying bills, time with your partner is extra precious. Little things, can make all the boring tedious stuff a little less dull. It doesn’t have to cost anything, or take up much time. It can be anything. Little gestures can mean a lot. Here are some cute ideas that will make sure your partner knows they are loved.

Run them a bubble bath

Has your partner had a long week at work. Treat them like the king or queen they are and have a luxurious bubble bath waiting for them when they get home. Light some candles, put on their favourite CD, and pour them a glass of wine for them to unwind with after a hectic work week.

Cook a nice meal

Pick out their favourite dishes and treat them to a special three course meal all in the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re into fancy delicacies, or a good old classic lasagne, making it from scratch will be sure to impress. Alternatively pack up a romantic picnic and head out on a sunny Sunday morning for some fresh air.


Tell them they look amazing whether they’re dressed up to the nines or in their PJ’s with messy hair and sleepy eyes. Verbally admire their courage for standing up to their unfair boss, and commend their intelligence when they comment on the news.

Lots of cuddles

Did you know hugs have been proven to relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety? And who doesn’t love a good hug. Whether it’s after a tough day, after receiving bad news, or just because you can… a good hug is just lovely don’t you think?

Breakfast in Bed

Let them lie in on those rainy mornings, and treat them to their favourite breakfast in bed. From a good old English fry up, to American style pancakes, waffles, cereals, or just beans on toast. Set them up good for the day. They’ll definitely appreciate it!

Post-it notes in their lunch box

Write little messages to each other as a little pick me up for that midday hump. Tell them you love them, write a joke, or just say hello. Put a smile on their face with a little doodle, and it’ll sure to give them that little positive nudge to help get them through the rest of the day.

Support them through the tough parts

Hold them, hug them, cry with them, give them space. Provide them with what they need, and always make sure they know you love them unconditionally. Through thick and thin, you are there to be strong for each other, and understand each other as best you can. Be the shoulder to cry on, wipe away the tears, heat up that tomato soup when the flu strikes and give them a relaxing massage when it all gets a bit stressful.

Make em’ smile!

Send them a text just telling them you love them. Or tag them in that stupid cat video on Facebook that you know they’ll love. Send them a joke, play games, read to them, share things of interest you’ve found in your day. Smiling is contagious, and a happy partner usually results in a happy relationship.

The traditions…

You know it. Chocolate, flowers and date nights are always a big win!

There are so many more!

We can’t possibly list everything here, and we are sure you have so many more ideas. Well, we’d love to hear all of them! Write to us below and share how you and your partner show your love for each other. Beware of soppiness!

Lots of love from the team at Stag and Hen Newcastle xox