Expect a few Regrets the Morning After the Night Before…

You’ve sat and planned your hen or stag party down to a tee, or if you’re smart you’ve let us do all the leg work for you. It’s been one of the biggest nights of your life. And then comes the morning after, and there’s more than just the hangover to tackle. You and your pals will probably have to sit together and piece together some of the night like a jigsaw, and in that process you’ll start to remember EVERYTHING that happened. Expect a few regrets. Good job that good friends won’t judge. So here’s what that next day will have in store for you.

You’re going to feel like crap…

Obviously. Expect a pounding headache, an unsettled stomach and a constant feeling of nausea. After a heavy night of drinking double your body weight in alcohol, you’re going to be dehydrated, overtired and sick. Prepare to drink plenty of fluids and have sugary snacks on hand for those shaky moments! Paracetamol is your friend, and so is rest. Let your body have a bit of time out to recover. Read our blog here for some tips on surviving the hangover.

You’re going to experience more flashbacks than an episode of Pretty Little Liars…

You won’t remember all the details. Not straight away at least. Don’t panic though, because they’ll all come back to you in bits and pieces. Your story will rapidly change from ‘It was a great night’, to ‘I wasn’t even that drunk’, to ‘Damn, did that REALLY happen’. When you finally pluck up the courage to check your Snapchat story or your camera album, we’re sure you’ll find plenty of photo and video evidence of some pretty cringeworthy moments from the night. Awkward and embarrassing stories are a given. So don’t shy away, just own it, embrace it and have a good giggle about it with friends.

“Why, oh why, did I drink so much?”

Bringing out the champagne at 10am with breakfast was an awesome idea. Until it wasn’t. And tequila slammers are always fun, until your retching in the club bathroom after your twelfth round. Sorry to say, there’s no way of undoing the fact that you drank all the bars dry. You’re just gonna have to suck it up, drink plenty, and suffer with your friends. At least you’re all in the same boat right?

Missing and broken belongings…

Have you done the standard belonging check yet? Phone, keys, ID, bank cards… is everything there? Is it all in one piece. I almost guarantee that someone will have lost their bank card, or smashed their phone screen inducing a panicked phone to the bank or frantic Facebook messages to all the clubs your remember being in. Hopefully you’re all insured on your valuables. Honestly, the best thing to do is to leave anything unnecessary at home/ in the hotel!

That Take-Away Stench

Cheesy chips, kebabs and garlic breads all seem like lifesavers when you’re absolutely paralytic. Unfortunately you won’t enjoy the stale smell of leftover food and takeaway boxes when you awaken the next day. With an unsettled stomach, you’re probably gonna be gagging trying to throw it all away. Hopefully you just scoffed your food while you was out and didn’t bring anything home for you.


Grazes, cuts, blisters and bruises will seem to have appeared from nowhere. Those killer heels, decking the floor several times when you tripped over air, or when you banged your head because you lost your balance. You’re probably going to be feeling a little bit tender, so be prepared to crack out the first aid kit and start putting yourself back together. Fingers crossed you just all managed to avoid a hospital trip.

All them other little regrets…

Did the maid of honour drunk dial her ex, or did your best man drunkenly throw away all his savings in the casino? Why didn’t you take your make up off last night? Why didn’t you delete her number? The questions, the regrets are going to be endless (but only in a funny way). Prepare to get constantly reminded of your mini humiliations by your friends, maybe for the rest of your life, and just pray that they don’t end up in the Best Man speech!


Something to share?

Go on! We’d love to hear your funny stories about what you got up to on your hen and stag parties. We promise we’ll try not to laugh at you too much. Share your story in the comments section below, and brighten our day with some good tales!