6 of the Punniest Fancy Dress costumes for your hen and stag party weekends!

Are you bored of the usual costume ideas? Enjoy your hen and stag party with a fancy dress theme as diverse as it is fun. Challenge your invitees to come dressed in the punniest fancy dress outfit they can come up with. Give no limitations, no guidelines and just see what they come up with! Offer up a prize for the most creative outfit if you’re feeling generous. Let the creativity and wit begin! However, if you are struggling, here’s a bit of inspiration to get you started.


You won’t look like a rockstar, but it’s a great pun most people will understand. Grab some nickels and stick them to the back of your t-shirt. Easy to put together and cheap to make. It’s the best and worst idea ever, kind of like the band.


If you have time on your hands (you probably have too much), draw, colour and cut out a cardboard replica of an iron. Use string to make it wearable (over the shoulder is probably the easiest) and there you have it… Iron Man. Stark imagination right there.


Create a cardboard cut out radio with eye holes and wear it as a mask. Alternatively find a mini radio and stick it on a headband. This one will be hit, I Promise.

Cereal Killer

It’s probably a bit overdone, but it’s a classic. Glue as many cereal boxes as you can find to your t-shirt/ outfit and then attack them with plastic cutlery and fake blood to make it look like they’ve been stabbed. Cheerio up though, you’ll look great!

French Kiss

Be ready to Rock and Roll All Night with this quirky idea. Dress yourself up in stereotypical French themes (a mime’s striped top, baguettes, berret), and then paint your face in the style of Gene Simmons from Kiss. As far as band puns go, this has got to be one of the best!

Spice Girls

Ladies, group up and pick a spice off the spice rack. Create labels for each one and stick them on your outfit. If you wannabe the best you can go all out and design spice bottle costumes, but if you actually have a life outside costume preparation, we understand time is pressing.

Drop us a comment with your ideas and creations!

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