Hen do‘s can be difficult to plan, but even more so with a pregnant bride!

With a pregnant bride to be, selecting suitable activities can be a bit more challenging. You need to carefully select activities that are safe and suitable for an expecting bride! Avoid alcohol, vigorous exercise, and tiring activities. Focus on choosing things that are relaxing, social and fun, but also laid back. If you’re stuck on where to start, we’ve put together a list of great ideas that are perfect for a hen do, but not unsuitable for your pregnant friend.


If you’ve ever gone through pregnancy, you’ll know it’s not all rainbows and ‘glowing’. It’s emotional rollercoasters, midnight cravings, back pain and hormones. Pamper the bride to be with some much deserved spa treatments and RnR! Enjoy a soothing facial and massage to unwind and destress from all that wedding planning. It’s a great time to get the girls (or guys) together for some self-care and me time!


Tea, cakes and those cute little sandwiches are perfect for a nice girly afternoon! Socialise with your friends, whilst divulging into the nicest treats. Enjoy sweet or savoury (or take advantage of both) whilst reminiscing or chatting over your wedding day excitements. Afternoon tea is perfect for any bride who likes a bit of vintage, something a bit fancy, or who just enjoys a good cuppa and a slice of cake. It’s something different, but something special. You can make it unique to the bride through themes/ colours/ decor to add that extra special touch!


Take a trip to the show, and enjoy a glamorous evening at the theatre where you can enjoy some of the finest live acting. Sing a long to classic musicals, be swept away by a ballet or lose yourself in a drama. Whatever you choose, sit back, relax and become immersed in the arts. Theatre is perfect for ladies who want to add a touch of class to their evening. Couple it up with a nice meal for sociality and you’ve got yourself the perfect evening! Make sure you book as a group so that you’re all sat together to enjoy the show!


If the mum-to-be enjoys throwing on her apron and getting creative in the kitchen, why not book a baking masterclass (or cooking class if she’s more of a chef than a baker!) Even if you’re a bit of a disaster in the kitchen, you’ll at least have a good laugh as things inevitably go wrong. Probably best to go armed with hair ties, wipes and clothes you don’t mind getting flour all over! The best part is that you’ll learn fun new recipes, and you get to eat all of those delicious treats! And if you didn’t do too well, just nick some of everyone elses!


You can’t drink cocktails, so how about learning how to make a few mocktails instead? You’ll have fun, learn new drinks recipes that you can enjoy over all nine months of the pregnancy. Shake it and stir it, mix it and pour. Create your own wonderful concoctions and go on to impress people at future parties and events. You’ll have a great time surrounded by your best gal pals! And again, you get to drink all your mocktails!

Got any more ideas?

Have you planned a pregnancy-safe hen party? If so, get in touch and let us know what you got up to! Share your hints, tips and ideas in the comments section below, we’d love to hear from you!