Party Favours for the Hens

Your hens have travelled, taken time off work, organised babysitters and so on to celebrate with you for your final big bash before you tie the knot! So, it might be nice just to throw together some little party favours as a little thank you… nothing too big or expensive, just a little party bag for them to enjoy. If you’re struggling for ideas, we’ve got a few hints and ideas below!

Mini Itinerary Flyer

I know you’ve probably explained to everyone a hundred times what is going on at what times, but the likelihood is that everyone is too excited to remember all of the details. You can throw together a small A5 flyer that lists the times and places of your activities, so that everyone knows what is going on and when. It’s also handy to include the address of your hotel and your mobile number in case any of your hens get lost/separated from the group. That way you know they can get hold of you or get back to the hotel safely!


hen party props

It’s not a hen party without some traditional hen props. From shot glass necklaces, feather bowers, and funky shaped glasses, to personalised badges, garters and customised t-shirts or sashes. Including these in the party favours will mean your hens don’t have to pay for their own! Other ideas might include disposable cameras, bubbles, party poppers, whistles or an assortment of inflatable shapes to spruce up your night out. Most of these you can pick up cheap and in bulk from anywhere selling party items (The Pound Shop often has quite a large range).


hen party sweets gift bags

Everyone loves some good old fashion sweets! Again buying share bags and dividing the contents between each party favours bag will make this really affordable!

PS Don’t forget the mints/ chewing gum for the morning after. Your hens will be dying to get rid of the groggy taste of last night’s vodka, and some minty freshness will be a lifesaver for them!


A hen party without a bit of Fizz is no real hen party after all! A mini bottle of Prosecco for each gift bag is a lovely touch, and ensures everyone’s got something to toast with at the start of the night! If you’re group is too big to warrant paying for so many small bottles, maybe buy 2-3 large bottles and share them between you all!

Mini Cosmetics

Chapsticks, mini nail polishes, makeup wipes, hair grips and bobbles are ideal sized gifts for your hens party favours, and are something that most of them are guaranteed to use. Nobody likes dry lips on a night out, and those bobbles are going to save you having to hold someone’s hair back in the early hours of the morning!

Hangover Survival

Arguably your hens will be most grateful for some paracetemol and h20 the morning after your big night out! Your mini hangover first aid kit could include a small bottle of water, some painkillers, refreshing face spray, some mints, and some plasters (everyone’s feet are probably suffering too)! Again, these can all be picked up fairly cheap from lots of stores including The Pound Shop, Bodycare and Superdrug!

Gift Bag for the Bride to Be

gift bag for brideRealistically, this can include most of the items that have also been used in the part favours bags, but just with that extra sparkle for the special lady!


princess hen do

Tiaras, sashes and sparkles are sure to give the bride-to-be her well-deserved royal treatment on her last night of freedom! Make her the centre of attention with some glam props, which you can pick up from lots of high street stores without them costing a pretty penny!

Make it personal!

If you’re invited to the biggest girls-only party of the year, you must be quite special to the main hen. Include her favourite snacks, sweets or even something like a childhood game she used to love (hint: drunken Twister makes for a hilarious pre-night out game too!). If you can’t think of anything physical, why not set your sights to Spotify and create a playlist of her favourite songs, chart anthems and guilty pleasures all included!


hen do pictures and momentos gifts

This should be a night that none of you will ever forget! But, in reality all of that tequila might make for a slightly fuzzy recollection and somewhat hindered memory. A nice idea for the bride-to-be, might include a mini photo album, which she can sit down and complete once all of the nights photo’s have been printed. It might even be nice to get all the girls round to do so, that way you can all piece together the night as a group… “Oh so that’s where that bruise came from!”… etc.

A guestbook in which each invitee jots down their best wishes and some of their favourite memories also makes for a nice personal gift (preferably written whilst sober, but drunken memoirs could be a fun trip down memory lane too!).

All Fun and Games!

You want the bride-to-be to have a great night, so why not include some funny games that are easy to play throughout the night!

Scavenger Hunt is a popular hen party game in which a list of photo opportunities is given to the hen at the start of the night. For example: kissing a bald man’s head, or getting a piggyback ride from a stranger! There are plenty of examples online that are easy to find, or you can be inventive and compile your own list of embarrassing photos that the bride needs to collect before the end of the night! Of course, this doesn’t have to just be for the bride, everyone can easily get involved in the game!

Dare Cards or Forfeit Cards are another easy one! Dare cards are self-explanatory and can be purchased ready made online, or can be created yourselves to suit the people in attendance! Forfeit cards can be handed out whenever anyone breaks any house rules that you have pre-determined before the night out, such as “drink only with your left hand” “salute before taking a shot” etc.

Finally, don’t forget the gift bags- you can be as extravagant or simple as you like! Gift bags can be purchased from high street stores, or for more personalised touches you can visit webpages such as or!