What to pack for your stag do!

Nobody enjoys packing. It’s a needs-must situation. And we’re all guilty of either leaving it to the last minute and forgetting something vital, or over-planning and taking way too much. You don’t want to be lugging your life’s belongings onto a train, and nor do you want to have to go without clean underwear! Check your packed items off using our handy tip list below so you pack smart.

Clothes for a Stag Do up North

CHUNKY CARDIGAN OR JUMPER: If it’s cold (likely) this will be a lifesaver during the day and can double up as a jacket.

JEANS/ CHINOS: They go with pretty much everything, both smart and casual, so you’re covered for daytime and nighttime activities.

SHOES: Take some comfortable shoes for during the day, and some smart shoes for the evening. Remember that some clubs will refuse access to people wearing trainers.

LIGHTWEIGHT CARDIGAN OR JUMPER: Choose something smart that you can wear on the night do! That way you’ll keep warm, and still look great.

T-SHIRT: Just one or two t-shirts will suffice (depending on the length of time you’ll be away. Take something casual that you can wear during the day.

SHIRT: Choose something a bit more formal for the night activities so you’re club ready.

UNDERWEAR & SOCKS: You’re mum’s right. Take a spare pair so that you’re prepared.

Other useful bits and bobs to pack

WET WIPES: These are handy for so many things, but mainly just for a quick freshen up between activities, or in the morning after the big night out.

CHEWING GUM: Get rid of that horrible groggy taste in your mouth from all that alcohol. You can thank us later.

FIRST AID KIT: You don’t need an ambulance size supply, but just a few plasters and paracetamols for those likely mishaps and that definite hangover.

TOILETRIES: Travel size items are brilliant. Deodorant, aftershave, toothpaste, shampoo and shower gel. Don’t forget your toothbrush!

ELECTRICAL ITEMS: Phone, charger and arguably a shaver if you need one.

PACK OF CARDS: These will help you kill travel time, or give you something to use for some fun pre-drinking games.

The obvious bits

KEYS, ID, MONEY, CARD, TRAIN TICKETS, BOOKING CONFIRMATIONS. You’d be surprised how easy they are to forget.

If you have any more handy hints and tips for fellow stags, let us know in the comments below!