If you’re planning on a cheeky bar crawl before hitting the club, we’ve got you sorted! From Jesmond to the Quayside, read below for some route ideas in the main areas for a great Newcastle bar crawl to celebrate you stag or hen weekend.

Jesmond Bar Crawl

Osborne Road is the place to be, with bars and pubs providing traditional beers and lagers, wines and spirits, whilst Archibold Terrace hosts cosmopolitan, picturesque bars for all of your cocktail needs!

Mr Lynch

Archbold Terrace, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 1DB


Cosy exposed-brick lounge with live music and DJ’s. Here you will find a wide selection of original cocktails including their famous ‘Dip Dab Tini’ and their ‘Swim& Lemonade’ cocktail, as well as a range of classic mojitos. Mr Lynch is a reasonably priced, relaxed space, but has a fantastic atmosphere and great music to kick-start your evening!

As You Like It

Archbold Terrace, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 1DB


 Similar in many ways to Mr Lynch, this multi-room bar hosts live music, four amazing bars and a beautiful garden terrace over three floors, setting an elegant scene. From cocktails, to lagers, this stunning bar is perfect to add a touch of class to your night!


97 Osborne Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 2TJ


With daily happy hours and a mix of exotic flavours, beautiful décor and a relaxed atmosphere, Sohe is a great bar to get everyone together in the culinary hub and social centre of Jesmond: Osborne Road.


61-73 Osborne Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 2AN


Osbornes is a spacious, contemporary bar with an outdoor heated terrace perfect for nice Summer evenings with friends. This is also the home of the locally famous ‘Push the Button’ happy hour game, where every customer get’s the opportunity to hit a button and win free or discounted drinks daily. Cheap (or free) drinks and a great atmosphere give this bar the perfect vibe for your night!

97 & Social

97 Osborne Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 2TJ


A charming, quaint little bar, home to Tipsy Tea– afternoon tea with a twist! Aside from that, their menu boasts a wide selection of innovative, exotic cocktails with someone to suit everyones taste in drink! You’ll be served by fantastic bartenders, who’s cocktail is nothing short of craftsmanship, and the decor is charming in a way that makes the bar feel relaxed, yet lively at the same time!

Spy Bar

82-86 Osborne Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 2AP


Spy Bar is the home of big screens, and the place to catch all of the sports, BUT if that’s not your thing, it hosts 12 beers on tap, as well as a fabulous cocktail and wine menu. Daily happy hours mean that you can get great deals, and maybe the odd free drink! Can’t complain about that!

Bigg Market Bar Crawl

Arguably the most iconic going-out scene in Newcastle is Bigg Market, with pubs and clubs that cater for everyone’s taste in booze and music! From Bavarian Beer hot spots, to cheesy disco-mania, you’ll find a place to drink, dance and have a fantastic time!

Stein Bier Keller

13 Bigg Market, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1UN


You’re not really in Bavarian Germany, but you may as well be! With classic steins of beer, live music (or some absolute bangers from all of the decades!) and wooden tables for you to clamber up on and dance the night away. Yep, that’s right, dancing on tables is completely encouraged (but do mind your heads when you’re jumping about- the ceilings are quite hard!)


3-4 Bigg Market, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1UW

This relatively new occupant of Bigg Market offers the best in live music and signature cocktails, with friendly staff and a fun atmosphere. With plenty of beers on tap, and reasonable prices, you can get merry without burning a hole in your wallet! Quirky and lively, this is a one of a kind bar you won’t forget easily!

Passing Clouds

2-4 Bigg Market, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1UW

Also a new addition to Bigg Market, you will find an array of cocktails, craft beers and ales, and spirits in a comfortable, refined and lively setting. If you’re hung up on the a football game that happens to be on during the night, you’ll be pleased to know they showcase all the biggest sporting events on the big screens, but come on…that’s not really what you’re there for!

Pop World


14 Bigg Market, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1UW

Show off your inner Spice Girl by dancing the night away to all the cheesy classics you secretly love. Cheap drinks, classic tunes, disco balls and plenty of flashing lights make for a fabulous nostalgic night!


33 Mosley St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1YF


An absolute must for lovers of decade music, with some newer chart hits thrown in. Whether you wanna be swinging your shirt around your head and yelling the words to Country Roads, or climbing up the pole to Shania Twain, Flares is like Pop World but on steroids! Cheap drinks deals, a flashing dance floor and 80’s memorabilia… if you’re a sucker for a retro vibe and the old classics, this is the place for you!

Quayside-City Centre Bar Crawl

Take a view of the Tyne and its magnificent bridges from a selection of pubs and bars that overlook the river and quayside, for an elegant and picturesque setting. A great area for those who prefer good conversation over being deafened by basslines and having to try and shout over the music when you’re just trying to tell your friends you need to visit the bathroom! Take a wonder up towards the centre of town for more fantastic pubs, that are generally less manic than Bigg Market!

Pitcher and Piano

108 Quayside, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3DX


An iconic beauty, made mainly of glass to give a wide open view of the quayside. With both indoor and outdoor seating, an upper floor terrace, cocktails and classic beers, wines and spirits this elegant bar is the perfect place for a classy get together with your friends to celebrate your upcoming wedding! It’s also a perfect place to get some candid shots in front of Newcastle’s symbolic bridges, you know, before you all get too drunk to work the camera!


32 Sandhill, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3JF


Craft beers, wines, spirits and pie! If you’re a fan of traditional pubs with classic pub food, great drinks options and a buzzing atmosphere, Redhouse is the perfect place for your party to make a pit stop at! Whether your eating, drinking, or both, this dark wooded, exposed-beam pub is a prime example of good old fashioned style!


Lower Dean Street, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3JE


This lively, chic bar is classy and stylish, with backlit wine racks and neon lighting, setting the perfect ambience for a fun, last hoorah before your big day! With resident DJ’s, late night openings on weekends, and an extensive drinks menu, this bar is sure to add a splash of glitz, glamour and luxury to your night!

The Bridge Tavern

7 Akenside Hill, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3UF


Another traditional, exposed brick pub with a fantastic selection of artisan ales, brewed on sight in their own micro brewery! So your drink is sure to be the freshest, most flavoursome and authentic pint in town! Situated right under the Tyne bridge, it really reflects the heart of Newcastle: good food, great drinks, fantastic location and a cosy, yet lively atmosphere. If you’re a traditional pub enthusiast, you’ll find yourself right at home here!


16 Dean St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1PG


A classic chain that boasts a wide selection of craft beers, with a flavour and strength to suit all beer lovers. With their try before you buy policy, you’re sure to end up with a drink that you’ll love! They also provide shelves of games such as Cards Against Humanity, playing cards, monopoly etc. so if you’re feeling competitive and want to try out some DIY drinking games, you’re more than encouraged to do so! All in all, a great social space to enjoy a few pints, get a bit buzzed and have a good laugh with great company.

YOLO Townhouse

14 High Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1EN


You only live once… you may as well enjoy it! Classy cocktails, wines, champagne, prosecco and a good old quality cold pint! Whatever your taste, this elegant establishment in new on the Geordie scene, and it sure delivers on taste, quality and value! Spread over three floors, this fantastic bar offers a bar, eatery and rooftop terrace, with live music and a fab atmosphere. Located on one of Newcastle’s historic streets, the interior has been fully restored to it’s authentic, vintage decor which sets an elegant and classy atmosphere!

Pleased To Meet You

41-51 High Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1EW


If gin is your thing, and a G&T is what you need, the Pleased to Meet You is a fundamental stop on your night! Choose your gin, select your tonic, pick your garnish, and get it mixed to perfection by one of the specialist bartenders who will deliver you the best G&T you’ve ever tasted! A little bit pricier than other places, but well worth the money! A relaxed, cosy atmosphere makes it a great place to chat and act classy, even if you are out with the aim of getting cataTONICally drunk.


77 Grey St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 6EF


Harry’s bar and restaurant is lively, often packed, and buzzing with conversation, music and dancing. The bar is well stocked with anything you could imagine, whether your after some cosmopolitan style cocktails, a refreshing beer or a sample of their exquisite wine collection. Also, don’t be surprised if a man playing a saxophone is just milling about, that tends to happen a lot in there, and he is very talented! Very classy, very elegant and very authentic, for those with a taste for a more chilled back evening, this is a great bar to find yourselves in!