Are you ready to marry them?

Getting married is a milestone. It’s a huge decision that you have to make. So it’s important that you know that you are completely committed and ready for that step. Every relationship is different, but a lot of the indicators are the same. When you’ve found your other half, there are markers that will make it obvious that this is the person you want to marry and share your forever with. Here are just some of the ones that we think are the most important!

Dating? You’re SO over it!

Jump from date to date, collecting numbers and even a few cheeky kisses along the way. It’s so much fun, meeting new people all the time, visiting restaurants, and trying out new bars. But when you meet that special person, you’ll know that you’re done with it all. You will delete your Tinder/Grindr app, you’ll stop messaging that on/off complicated ex, and you’ll focus on that one person. Dating will seem pointless, because you won’t be interested in anybody else.

You won’t need to look anymore

Other people will become romantically disinteresting to you. Cute men and women around you will become just more faces in a crowd of other faces. You will feel content with the person you are with, and that level of contentment and satisfaction will mean you have no reason to look anywhere else. You’ll stop searching, and that feeling of lostness will be replaced by comfort and peace and a sense of belonging. You’ll feel like you’ve found a home in someone.

You will feel like a kid again!

Marriage is an adult concept and one that has to be acknowledged somewhat maturely, but your partner will make you feel young again. It’s not all about bills, and mortgages, and having kids… it’s also about new experiences, having fun, being playful, and sometimes being a bit daft and reckless! Your partner will bring out the best parts of you, including the parts that like to play pranks, or find their ticklish spot, or crack inappropriate jokes. You’ll be with someone who makes you feel full of life, and energised! Make sure you do things that keep the relationship fresh and keep thinking about different things you can both try that’s new – I’ve recently been glamping with private hot tub – trust me, you won’t get more fun (or different) than that!

You’ll open up…

Even if you struggle with trust and letting people in, this one person will change that. With time you’ll start removing bricks from that psychological wall you’ve built, and you’ll let that person in. You will become more comfortable with revealing yourself, mentally and physically until there is no wall left at all. What you are left with is a beautiful honesty and openness, in which you are both completely at ease with each others secrets, and fears, vulnerabilities and insecurities, worst days, best days, and everything in between. You’ll no longer feel like you have to hide anything.

You’ll feel secure…

Jealousy? You’ll have no need for it anymore. You’re in a relationship that is strong, stable, open and honest. When there are no secrets, you’ll feel completely secure and stable. You won’t be worrying about if they’re out with that new work colleague again. You understand that they’re coming home to you because they love you whole heartedly, and vice versa. Even when you fight, you know that you’re tough enough to sustain and survive it, because that’s what people who truly love each other do.

And when you do ask them to marry you…

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