How to be a star Maid of Honour!

You’re pretty special if you’ve been chosen as your friends Maid of Honour! It is a huge compliment, but comes with pretty big responsibilities. Feel a bit overwhelmed? That’s normal. But don’t worry. Read below to find out how you can be a star throughout the wedding process, and become the perfect MOH. Start straight away, and give constant reassurance and support to the bride so that she can enjoy the run up to her big day. It’s your job to make sure she’s not stressing too much over avoidable things, and here’s how you can do just that…

Wedding Planning

Help organise dress shopping for the bride and the bridesmaids. Rally everyone together, find a suitable day and plan out all the logistics. Find a route for the shopping trail, and try and book somewhere nice for lunch so that you can really make a day of it. Shopping is no fun if you’re all hungry and dehydrated. Follow up with booking any dress fittings, shoe shopping, jewellery hunting and hair/makeup trials. These jobs are easy tasks for you to pick up, but will relieve the bride of the extra planning stress. Get everything planned in advance, and make sure the bride, and bridal party know all of the times, dates and places to avoid any diary clashes.

As the big day approaches, you are in charge of the other bridesmaids. Make sure they all have a mental itinerary of the day, and know where they need to be, and at what time. Ensure they are fully aware of timings and plans for the entire day, from the order of walking down the aisle, to meal times, and the reception-night do transition. You’re in charge of making sure they all know what they’re doing at all times!


The star attraction. SHINE. You know the bride better than most people, and she trusts you a great deal. You need to show this in your planning of her last night of freedom. Consider whether or not it should be a surprise, invite people she wants to celebrate with, and choose activities that reflect her character. Think timing, cost and place firstly, before delving into the specifics of what to do, and where to eat. Make your life easier, and book through us if you’re looking for a fabulous night or weekend in the vibrant, fun and brilliant city of Newcastle. Just check a few boxes with some basic information, and we’ll throw together the perfect celebratory weekend for you!

Wedding Day-Eve

Re-check that you and the bridal party know the routine of the day off by heart, from start to finish. Offer to pick up any last minute hired items or clothing or floral bouquets/ arrangements, and ensure that they are top notch in quality! This will make sure the bride has a worry free day. Speaking of the lady of the moment, she’s probably getting some last minute jitters and nerves, so make sure you’re showering her with an outpouring of love and support. Pamper her and spoil her rotten with spa treats, bubble baths and candles to calm her down. Finally make sure she gets a good nights sleep, so that she is fully rested for her big day.

If you’re staying with the bride the night before, consider buying in a little pre-wedding pamper kit that will help her stay relaxed. Pick up some bath salts, candles, green tea or chamomile, skin products, bubble bath and some comfy PJ’s. This is the night before one of the biggest days of her life, and she’s going to want to feel and look her best. As Maid of Honour, it’s up to you to make sure she does!

The Big Day

You’re in for a busy morning! Help the bride and the bridesmaids get ready on time, and organise everyone getting their hair and makeup done, and outfits on to avoid chaos. Make sure everyone has some breakfast before leaving (we don’t want anyone fainting), and run through the day with everyone once more. Most importantly though, make sure everyone has a lovely morning. A little champagne toast, some music, jokes, reminiscing. It’s the start of the day, and you all want to enjoy it, despite some understandable, and perfectly normal nerves!

Throughout the day, you need to be in control of the bridesmaids, as well as being a right hand woman to the bride. This includes toilet duties (wedding dresses can be a pain in the butt!), holding the bouquet during the ceremony, and fixing hair and makeup so she’s constantly on top form for those photographs. Many Maid of Honours also make a speech at the reception, or give a reading at the ceremony, so make sure you’re well prepared and confident in what you want to say when it’s your turn. Finally, it’s tradition for the MOH to dance with the best man after the couples first dance to encourage the rest of the guests to join in. After that, simply enjoy the rest of the day!


If the newly weds are heading straight off on their honeymoon, there are a few things you can do to lend a helping hand. If they have kids or pets, you could offer to look after them. Return any hired equipment and clothing, and look after any leftover cake, flowers and gifts until they return. Some might choose to buy in a few food bits for them, so that they won’t be coming home to an empty fridge, or make sure the house is in good shape for their return.

Have you been a star Maid of Honour?

Are you a maid of honour veteran? If so, what handy hints and tips do you have for other people taking on the huge responsibility? Drop us a message to share some wisdom with those of us looking forward to taking it on, so that everyone can be the best possible MOH for the brides to be!