It’s genderless, age-less and race-less. Love is Love!

October 11th marked ‘Coming out Day’, celebrating the bravery and courage that many non-heterosexuals have to show when publicly embracing their identities. To all of those who took the plunge, we are with you, and we are inspired. We thought now would be a good time to express our deep rooted opinion that love is love no matter what! Regardless of age, gender, race, socio-economics and all the rest. Everyone deserves to be loved. You are loved.

The world is strife with discrimination, hate, and unhappiness. Driven by an unstable political climate and media scaremongering, amongst others, the human race seems so divided. But why? There is so much to celebrate, and finding love should be one of them. We don’t just mean heterosexual relationships either. We mean the love between two men, or two women, or multiple people. The love between two people on opposite sides of the world, or from different cultures. A parent’s love for their children, or a child’s love for their dog. Finding a passion or hobby that you love, or even discovering self-love.

The warmth, belonging and comfort that love delivers, in any and all forms is beautifully reassuring and creates happiness and a sense of belonging. Love between a couple, within a family, for your friends, for a passion. They all create a piece of your identity, and here at Stag and Hen Newcastle, we believe that everyone should be free to express themselves and love unconditionally. You deserve to love, and to be loved. By anyone.

Be you.

Wave that rainbow flag. Kiss the girl, or kiss the boy. Go on dates. Hold hands. Travel. Treat your parents. Surprise visit your grandparents. Find yourself. Treat yourself. Take care of yourself. Eat the cake. Pamper yourself. Laugh. Live. Love.

Make the world a little less scary, a little softer and a bit brighter. If we stopped making judgements and hating people based on their lifestyles, and focused a bit more on our own lives, surely everyone would be happier. And isn’t that what we all want? A happier planet. A world of peace.

In a world that seems to be growing darker and more corrupt, surely we should be letting love shine through. There are worst things in life than men kissing men, and women marrying women.