Would you be happy to broadcast your stag or hen do on TV? Love to be in the spotlight? Or just simply up for a laugh? If so, this TV show could be just for you!

Stags and Hens will follow the couples around with a camera, capturing every moment of their last night of freedom. Its definitely a fantastic opportunity to be on television as long as the Bride/Groom is on their best behaviour and can handle their alcohol consumption well because there is no escape from the cameras!

Lauren Breslaw, from ITV Studios Entertainment, said “We are calling all outgoing and fun couples, who plan to get married before February 2017, to let us join them on their exciting journey to the altar”.

At the moment, the show is based on events leading up to a wedding, for example, Stag and Hen parties but Lauren Breslaw added “Who knows, we may even follow honeymoons, but it all depends who we manage to find,”


Featuring in a show like this could bring right into the public eye! Reality TV is so popular these days so it would definitely get lots of viewers. Walking down the street wont be as simple as it used to be, you will hear lots of “there’s that woman off….” “There’s that man off….” and chances are people will even know your name! The celebrity feeling will soon start to feel normal after a while!

I’m sure all the guests at your wedding would have watched the episode too so hopefully it wont steal the lime light of the big day itself but even if it does, hopefully its for good things and everyone has a laugh about it. However, the show could have some downsides which would determine if the wedding would even happen! We all know what its like to get carried away when we are intoxicated but some people just go that bit too far….. If the Stag or Hen cheated on their night, there would be no hiding away from it and your other half would not only be devastated but it would be humiliating too!

All reality TV is very dramatised too so you would obviously have to go that extra mile to make the show exciting and juicy because we all know the British public love a bit of drama so this would definitely boost the number of viewers but may reduce your friends list! Fame definitely goes to some people’s heads and can change someone for the worst!

So… if you do think you’ve got what it takes to be in the show it’s definitely not an opportunity to miss but my top tips would be….