International women’s day is partly about breaking those ridiculous gender roles and stereotypes!

Thursday celebrated International Women’s Day, so we wanted to take a look at breaking a few of those pesky bridal stereotypes. Every woman is different, and wants to celebrate their big day in their own special way. But they’re so often all lumped into one stereotype. Let’s see and celebrate how we can break a few gender roles…


This is a huge one! Not all women go insane in the run up to their wedding. In fact, a lot of them aren’t pretty darn cool headed and organised. They’re might be fleeting moments of craziness, but we think that that’s allowed considering! Sure, some women might be a bit more controlling and stressed over their wedding plans, but there’s at least an equal amount of women who want everybody to be calm and relaxed in the run up.

And by the way… we have it on good authority that men can be just as stressy and snappy in the wedding run up! Groomziller? Doesn’t really have the same ring does it?

It’s okay to wear a dress… but it’s also okay not to!

Some women want the big white, sparkly meringue style wedding dress. And they want those sparkling shoes, and the diamond necklace to compliment it. Some women want a light, pretty, cool dress for a hot beach wedding, with flat pump shoes, and some floral decorations for her hair. Some want to wear a stylish, contemporary suit, with a badass pocket square and cufflinks. And others are happy with jeans, top and trainers. Each woman has their own unique style, and Thisbe should be celebrated! It’s the same in the respect that some women want a brand new custom outfit, whilst others are happy to shop around vintage and second hand stores!

Fairytales aren’t for everyone…

Believe it or not, us women aren’t all dreaming of a Cinderella wedding, spontaneous bursts of song, and getting to make magical wishes. We don’t want the castle, and the extravagance, or a thousand guests. Some people do, and that’s awesome! But some of us would be happy with a small, low key cebration with close family. We don’t need to spend a heap of money to tie the knot. Happily ever after’s aren’t all the same, but the happiness is still there in abundance!

Make that speech!

Who ever decided that men get to hog the microphone all day? Father of the bride, best man, groom… give the bride a voice! More and more women are breaking tradition and making speeches at their weddings! And why not!? It’s their day too!

What are you planning for your wedding day?

Are you embracing femininity, breaking the stereotypes, 94 a bit of both? We’d love to hear about your plans or see a few pics, or hear how you’re celebrating the women in your life in general!

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