Deciding who to invite is an awkward job that we wouldn’t wish on anyone. For some people it can be a real breeze but for most it’s an awkward experience in the politics of friendship. You run the risk of upsetting anyone you don’t invite, but invite the wrong people and it may ruin it for your stag. Our ultimate tip for getting the invites right without upsetting anyone is to actually use the stag do itself to decide for you. That sounds a bit crazy, right? Let me explain…

Let the location decide!

Location of your stag do can justify your decisions. If you decide who you want to invite with your stag, then you can devise a way to break it to everyone without getting in trouble. Like so…

If your stag only wants the crème de la crème of his mates… pick a weekend abroad. It’s more expensive than your average stripper and beers combo so people just along for the ride won’t cough up the dough and it’s just a logistical nightmare to go with too many people; they’ll understand. It isn’t actually that much more expensive to have your stag weekend abroad but it just gives you a nice excuse, doesn’t it?

If you’re on a budget and can’t leave the country, but still want an exclusive affair, pick a city a couple of hours away for the stag weekend (Newcastle being the obvious option!!) In fact, what may surprise you is that travelling to the opposite end of the country often takes longer than the travel time to our popular Europe destinations; again, it’s just a good excuse for not inviting your annoying cousin.

It’s doubling your trouble by having too stag dos. A proper weekend away with your best mates followed by night out with your family, extended family, mates and acquaintances to make sure no one gets left out!

Separating, what we like to call, ‘the core’ and everybody else normally makes for a smoother stag weekend and a friendlier run up to the wedding. Firstly, it takes away the pressure of having your bride-to-be’s family around you when you’re supposed to be letting loose, and secondly, it make sure they do get to take part in your send off. The one is wild, the other a reserved celebration of you tying the knot!
Remember… you’re the best man!

At the end of the day, you are the best man, you organise the stag do, and therefore the buck stops with you. If you don’t invite someone and they get upset with the stag then you take full responsibility. If you are a real best man you’ll have been covering for him for years anyway, so it should be second nature. Just make sure you take the heat… your mates probably got enough on his plate anyway!