Top Ten Reasons to Honeymoon in Bali, Indonesia

Bali is our honeymoon location pick of the week, and it’s not hard to see why it’s such a brilliant choice. Here at Stag and Hen Newcastle, we’ve listed the top reasons for visiting. Relax on the luxurious beaches, enjoy the exotic foods or get active and go diving or hiking. A sandy coastline, gorgeous weather, volcanoes and friendly locals will make your honeymoon super romantic and relaxing. Enjoy a well deserved break after all the stress of wedding planning!

The Beauty

The landscape in Bali is ripe with stunning sites and landmarks, both natural and manmade. Temples in all shapes and sizes are dotted around the island, and an active volcano stands strikingly on the skyline. Explore the islands beautiful rainforest and long sandy beaches for that true exotic holiday feeling. Bali is a dream paradise, picturesque and idilic.

The Sunsets

Imagine the most beautiful watercolour painting, and then place it in the sky. Bali’s sunsets are romantic, vibrant, and totally Instagram worthy. Make your friends jealous and enjoy watching the sun sink down beyond the horizon in an explosion of fiery colour. Once you’ve seen a sunset in Bali, your expectations will be forever set exceedingly high. For the best views, take a pew at the top of the volcano and watch the sky dance before your eyes.

The Food

Tuck into some of the most amazing dishes you will ever get to taste. Bali is a foodie’s paradise. With a wide array of world foods to choose from, as well as their own tantalising cuisine, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Whether you’re a meat lover, a seafood fanatic, vegetarian, or vegan, Bali has multiple restaurants for you to choose from. Take to the street stalls for a cheap snack or indulge in michelin star restaurants. Whatever your taste, and budget, you’ll find delicious food all over the island.

The Beaches

Everyone loves a beach holiday, and Bali offers some of the best beaches you’ll ever have the chance to visit! Enjoy relaxing on golden sandy beaches, or take a stroll on the deserted black sand beaches where you can enjoy each others company. Marvel upon the long coastlines and beautiful rock formations that will take your breath away. If your a sun, sea and sand lover, then this is the perfect location for your romantic honeymoon.

The People

If your from Newcastle, you’ll be used to friendly locals. Bali is exactly the same in terms of friendliness. Locals will be on hand to recommend the best activities, modes of transport and places to eat on the island. Feel right at home, and enjoy the welcoming, hospitable and carefree atmosphere that Bali has on offer. It’s the perfect spot for your romantic getaway, and ideal for unwinding and resting.

The Accommodation

Find a cute airBnB to really experience island life, or splash out on one of many gorgeous villas or hotel suits available. From the quirky, to the grand and the romantic, you’re sure to find a place to stay that you’ll fall in love with. Prices range from cheap (for the budget travellers) and expensive (for those looking for some luxury, so everyone can find the perfect pad.

The Activities

Dive, swim and snorkel in the beautiful oceans, or trek up the islands active volcano. Choose between the countless activities that are on offer, and start off your marriage making unforgettable memories. For a small island, Bali is bursting with things to do so every day is sure to be a brand new exciting adventure.

The Weather

Enjoy the all-year-round tropical climate without the hurricane and severe storms a lot of other destinations experience. Whatever the time of year, you can guarantee a lot of sunshine and warmth, which makes it perfect for every season. Don’t worry about overheating, as Bali’s temperature rarely exceeds 25-30 degrees Celsius, but hardly ever drops below that 25 mark. If you do want to escape the heat for a while, head up to the mountain ranges where it’s a little bit cooler.

The Romance

What’s more romantic than an exotic island break right next to the ocean? With beautiful blue/green oceans, sandy beaches, forests, volcanoes and those magnificent sunsets, you can’t go wrong. Bali is perfect for couples embarking on their lifelong adventure, and is the perfect way to kickstart married life. Whether you’re after a honeymoon that’s active and adventurous, or more chilled and laid back, happy newly weds will find paradise in Bali.