You’re never too old for party games!

Especially when these games involve some embarrassing stories, drinking forfeits and some grown up giggles! You’re probably going to invite people to your hen party, who don’t really know anyone else in attendance, so quick and simple games are a great way to get everyone chatting!

We’ve thrown together a few ideas below, which take minimal time and effort to make.


gamesCreate a pub-style trivia quiz that’s all about you and split the party into even teams. Ask questions such as ‘when is my birthday’, ‘which secondary school did I attend’ or ‘what’s my favourite song’. See who knows you the best and give a small prize to the winning team. Alternatively, the losing team members each buy a drink for a winning team member on your night out!

The quiz will be quick and easy to make, will get everyone interacting and having a laugh, with very little effort on your side!

Fact or Fiction?

Write a list of statements about yourself, some true and some false. As you read them out, your hens have to write down whether they think it’s fact or fiction. See how well they know you, and see what they really think you’re capable of (be sure to include some completely outrageous things and see who reckons you could have actually done them!)

This is a game people can play either in teams or individually, and will be sure to get everyone giggling!

Find the Groom!

Fold up pictures of men in balloons, including one image of the groom-to-be and blow all the balloons up. The more balloons the better! All the hens have to do is pop the balloons and find the groom. The first to find your soon to be husband is the winner!

Mr & Mrs

This one tests the bride herself! You’ve probably seen the game show. And it’s justgames that. Come up with a list of questions (see below for inspiration) and email them to the groom-to-be a few weeks in advance. Make sure he sends you back his responses without letting the bride know his answers! Then quiz the bride, and for each wrong answer, give her a forfeit!

This is a great way to involve the bride in the ice breaker activities!

Example Q’s:

  1. Who’s had the most partners?
  2. Who is the most likely to start an argument?
  3. Who’s the most untidy?
  4. Who has the highest sex drive?
  5. Who’s the most romantic?

You can get as embarrassing, rude and explicit as you dare!

This game works well at sten parties too- if both the bride and groom (and any other couples are there), you can play with everyone at the same time.

Guess the Bum or Guess the Tum!

Print out photographs the bums (with clothes please) or tums of everyone attending the stag do and spread them out on the floor. The bride then has to match up the bum/tum to the name of the person without any help from her hens! Expect a lot of laughter on this one!

gamesPantyhose Bowling!

Put on a pair on tights. Nope, not on your legs. Wear them on your head with a tennis ball at the foot of one leg which should swing in front of your face (demonstration- click here). Line up some bottles with a little water in them in two lines, and race to see who can knock them all down first. You can do this as a relay, or individual.

It’s hilarious to watch and even funnier to take part in! I don’t know who came up with it, but what a genius (probably a drunk genius).