Stag & Hen Dos in Newcastle


On a Budget? Don’t Let That Stop You!

At Stag and Hen Newcastle, we know it’s tough to be the one planning a hen do in Newcastle. You may be worried that your friends won’t make it or that they won’t enjoy the theme or options you pick. However, we make it easy to accommodate anyone’s budget and needs. You don’t have to feel like you can’t impress your friends and have an amazing time because we have packages and price points for everyone. You may want to consider a one-night accommodation instead of the two-night version, which helps you save money. You can also choose more inexpensive party options, such as our Accommodation with pubs and clubs nightlife card. It’s inexpensive for the bash, and you only have to have what money you need for food and drinks.

We know that the gentlemen also need a fun night out before the big event (wedding). If you’re planning a stag do in Newcastle, you can’t forget to keep the budget in mind. You may want to ask the other gentlemen to pitch in so that you’re not footing the bill for everyone. This is an excellent way to treat everyone, do something exciting or different, and keep costs low. Otherwise, we have a variety of low-cost package deals, including lap dances and casino nights. You can wow the crowd while keeping costs low.

While we aren’t necessarily marketed to it, Sten parties are also a popular choice, which is where hens and stags party together. We have packages that can cater to these needs, as well, such as our three-course meal or paintball. You can all have fun together while still doing things separately, ensuring that the ladies can keep an eye on their guys and the guys can have a blast regardless. Consider building your own package for a Sten party today!