Suffering from a hangover?

Did you enjoy your stag and hen do a little too much? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Dizziness, splitting headaches, sickness, and the shakes. That god awful hangover. Most of us have experienced those self-pitiful, painful mornings after, full of regret and questions of why we do this to ourselves. We’ve prepared some handy hints and tips on how to survive those post-night out atrocities!

The main problem you’ll face is dehydration because alcohol makes you pee more! Therefore you lose a lot of fluids. Sadly hangover cure’s are generally false. Sorry. But, if you follow our tips for avoiding your hangover you should be fine! Alternatively, we’ve put together ways to ease your discomfort the next day!


We know being sensible sounds boring, but taking even just some of this advice on your night out might save you a painful morning after.


Decide not to go for the avoidance? Okay, we understand. Here are some ways you can try and get through the next 24 hours without too much in the way of pain.


A last note…

Hopefully you take the advice on avoiding a hangover. Don’t forget alcohol really does have a damaging effect on your body. Enjoy your night, but please do responsibly! Below are some handy websites that give you tips on drinking and how to have a great night, safely. We hope you have a great stag and hen do, and don’t suffer too much the morning after!

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