Why a Sten/Hag Do?

Sorry to say it guys, but gender segregation is so last century, and stag and hen do’s seem to be no exception! Instead, ‘hag’ and ‘sten’ (joint hen/stag) do’s are the in thing! Throw together the ultimate Sten or Hag do, where the bride and groom, as well as female and male guests are all invited for an unrivalled pre-wedding celebration!

Not so long back, a bride-to-be, who happened to be a computer scientist with few female friends, celebrating her ‘hag’ do with her male work colleagues went viral and became a huge story for the Daily Mail. And it’s not hard to see why… Bride Rebeca had the best time getting ready and posing for her photoshoot with the guys she valued most in her life. And this is surely the more important thing; to enjoy your celebrations with people you care about the most.

You want to celebrate in style with your best friends, and if they happen to be the opposite sex, then a hag/sten do is ideal for a huge celebration that will involve everyone!

Traditionally, women are supposed to only celebrate with women, and men with men, but that seems a little dated to me. I mean, if we’re honest, wedding traditions started to go out of style when Sarah Jessica Parker married Matthew Broderick in a black gown (no bridal white in sight!)

But what to do?

Stereotypically women’s daytime activities include cocktail making, spa days and chocolate/wine tasting, whilst stag activities involve whiskey tasting, paint balling and general laddish pranks at the grooms expense. So it’s paramount that you get the right mix of activities, to ensure that everyone has a great time.

For the daytime, you could either split into groups depending on people’s interests, OR find an activity that is generally appealing to anyone! Below are some ideas for joint activities- although it’s really down to the people who’s invited.


Who doesn’t love a nice cold one out on the open water (preferably in the sunshine) surrounded by your best friends, and with the music turned up full! This is ideal if you’re planning on throwing something abroad (unless you enjoy the great British weather of course), and add’s a bit of luxury to your celebrations! Don’t forget to take plenty of booze, snacks and you’re sun cream… we all know that one person who turns into a lobster after two minutes in the sunshine!


Don’t worry, nothing too serious, although there’s bound to be someone that get’s too competitive (we all know who it is)… From dodgeball, to zorbing, paintballing to high ropes, and combat assault courses to bubble football, these big team sports are a great way to get everyone mixing together and getting involved. Plus you justify your excessive night of drinking by telling yourself repeatedly that this part is almost healthy!


If you’re throwing a Summertime hag/sten do, finding a nice spot to host a big BBQ or alcoholic picnic is ideal for Summer afternoons in the sun. Throw it back to childhood with rounders, frisbees and casual football, with a few pints thrown in for good measure. Split between everyone, this can be extremely cost effective, and a great way to set up a sociable atmosphere to get everyone chatting, especially those who know few people in attendance.


I promise Norman Bates isn’t going to really hunt you down. These rooms are designed to put your problem solving and logic skills to the test. Ideal for small groups, but larger groups can break down into teams and make it all a competition (who can escape the fastest, if at all). This get’s everyone interacting, working together, and all in all- having a great laugh!


Do you want to all do the same activities, or do you want to do separate hen/stag activities during the day, and then meet up for a big night out in the evening? This is very much dependant on who is invited and what their interests and hobbies are!

TEAMS! For group activities like sports/ competitions etc, you need to plan who’s going to be teamed up. You don’t want people on teams with nobody that you know, and you equally want fair and equal teams. Planning in advance will save you a lot of time on the day!

You’ve got to keep some traditions, and yes, by that we mean endless pranking of the groom (because who doesn’t love a bit of classic humiliation), and those sashes that are bright and bold enough to tell the world you’re all out to get a bit rowdy!

Sleeping arrangements are important if you’re staying for more than a day. This is particularly central to planning if you have couples going who will want to share rooms, and people who don’t know each other who presumably do not want to share rooms. Again, forward planning saves a lot of time and last minute hassle.