Why getting married young doesn’t mean you’re on a collision course!

You’re young, you’re in love, and you’re getting married! So what’s the issue? Oh wait… “you’re too young”, “you can’t afford it”, “you’re throwing your life away”… Gotcha. People always have something to say. Do you want the best advice? Ignore them. Let them make their comments, and have their judgments, but by no means let it put you off committing to your partner. Marrying young isn’t as common as it used to be, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Despite what they say, only you know what you truly want, and that’s really all that matters. Remember this is your relationship, your life, and your wedding. So, let them say what they want, and just focus on being happy!

We’d just like to point out why judgmental people are wrong. Just for peace of mind, and to gloat a bit. Everybody likes to be right… right? So here are the most common doubts/ criticism and judgmental chit-chat, and exactly why we think it’s a load of rubbish!

“You’re too young…”

Too young for what? To feel emotion, to love, to care. People often think that those that get married younger have a higher rate of divorce. However, we’d like to contest that fact. Traditionally, our grandparents will have gotten married much younger- usually in their teens, and I can guarantee most of our grandparents marriages are probably still in tact? Yes, times have changed, and marriage means different things to different people now, but you can’t be too young or too old to fall in love. Now we’re not encouraging 12 year old marriages of playground sweethearts, but at eighteen, if you know, you know. We’re aware that some young marriages sadly don’t last, BUT plenty do! Loads do! Young love, is still love, and it’s filled with the same magic, passion, promise and potential as any other relationship!

“You can’t afford it…”

They do know that you young people can actually have jobs too right? That young lovers can budget, and save, and work overtime. Young people work. The same as everybody else. You young couples will afford the wedding the same way anyone does! It might be a struggle- as it is for everyone- but you’ll scrimp and save just like them. Weddings aren’t really ‘affordable’ for anyone without a few months/years of planning and saving…so this argument really is completely irrelevant.

“You’re throwing your life away…”

Marriage doesn’t end your life. If you do it right, it enhances it! How are you wasting your life if you’re choosing to share the adventure with someone you love. You’re not losing out on anything at all. You still have all the same opportunities before, but now you have someone to share every experience with, to make memories with… surely that’s a good thing!? And as for the whole “you’ll use your friends” part of this argument… rubbish. Friends will stay in your life as long as you choose to keep them there. Getting married doesn’t mean cutting off everyone except your partner. Involve your friends, and they’ll be around forever.

“It just won’t last…”

We hear about break ups and divorces a lot these days. And whilst that is very sad, it’s completely unfair to suggest that age has anything to do with relationship break downs. It happens at all ages, for a variety of reasons. There are tonnes of older couples who split up, and plenty of younger ones that stay together for life. We shouldn’t group young people together as inevitable divorcees just based on their age. Talk about stereotyping!

“It’s because you’re pregnant…”

This isn’t the olden days guys. Pregnancy before marriage isn’t really as much of a social taboo as before. I mean, come on. Can’t we trust that young people actually just want to get married because of love. There doesn’t have to be some kind of motive or reason behind it all.


We know plenty of people have doubts about young couples getting married, and we know plenty of young couples who want to be taken seriously. What are your thoughts, and if you’re a young groom/bride what criticisms did you face in the run up to the wedding? We’d love to hear from you all! Drop us a comment in the space below with your thoughts.