Stag Do? Let’s play a game!

‘What She Said’ is a fun trivia quiz game that is personalised to the bride and groom. Get some questions prepared in advance that will test the grooms knowledge of his bride! They can be as personal, funny and serious as you’d like! Give the groom 10 points for each correct answer and a forfeit for every wrong answer. This is a sure fire way to keep him on his toes, and get him prepped for married life. Don’t forget to ask the bride the questions before the stag weekend get’s underway so that you have the right answers.

If you’re a bit pushed for time, or you’re having a creativity block, don’t panic. Here at Stag and Hen Newcastle, we’ve thrown together a list of questions you might want to include in your trivia quiz. Have fun coming up with three multiple choice options, and then throw in the correct answer, and give the groom a good run for his money!

Question Inspiration

What did she say is your most irritating habit?

We asked the bride what part of you she most fancied. What did she choose?

How did she describe your dress style?

What did she say is your most irritating habit?

What is her favourite: a) movie, b) song, c) book

Did she think you’d get them all right?

How does she describe your kissing technique?

Who does she think is the worst at handling their booze?

What did she say is your best quality?

How did she describe your first date?

Who did she say you’re most afraid of?

What did she really think of you when you first met her?

We asked the bride how romantic you are. What did she say?

Did she give you any instructions for your stag party?

How does she describe your music taste?

Who did she say is most nervous for the wedding?

Point Scoring Recommendations

We’d recommend choosing around 17 questions and then awarding ten points for each correct answer. On the contrary, each incorrect answer can be punished with a mini forfeit (a shot/ finger of drink). Keep a tally of how well the groom does, and then at the end reveal the overall score. We’ve suggested some point categories below, but we’ll leave the ultimate decisions on the brackets and forfeits up to you guys!

0-40 – Think you’d have done better by not turning up. How about we don’t tell the bride about how this game went? To ensure our silence you must now: a) wear your underwear on your head/ outside of trousers for the rest of the evening or b) wear this fancy dress costume for the evening

50-100 – You need to be pulling your socks up if you’re wanting this marriage to last! Come on now! I suppose you could have done worse, although you should have done so much better, so we’ll let you off with a soft forfeit. You are only allowed to join us in the pub when you’ve earned enough money for half a pint by busking in the street.

110-150- You did pretty well, minor those few slip ups. All you’ve got to do as forfeit is walk backwards to the first pub/ between the first and second pub, and all is forgiven.

160-170- A great game my friend. The first round is on us!

Have you got any more ideas for questions/ forfeits?

Calling all stags out there! If you’ve got anymore funny questions or punishments for the grooms-to-be out there, let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear about your antics, and we’re sure our other readers would too!