Fancy Dress Inspiration!

You’ve got the place. You’ve got your cohort. Now you need to nail that theme and your fancy dress. Whether you’re stags, hens, or if you’re on a joint Sten party, you want something fun and/or outrageous, but nothing that’s too much of a faff to make or dance about in. We’ve pulled together a list of inspiration especially for you, which you can use or adapt to pull together a perfect theme for your fancy dress costumes!


hero and villain fancy dress

“You wanna get nuts? Come on! Let’s get nuts!”

Michael Keaton- Batman

Everyone loves a superhero. And undeniably, everyone secretly loves a good villain. With so many to choose from, it’s easy to get everybody dressed up as someone different. From WonderWoman to Star Lord, and The Joker to Poison Ivy, there’s an endless list of ideas for men and women, which makes it ideal for all parties. If you’re on a joint/hen stag do, why not make things interesting by pitching the men against the women in a DC/Marvel rivalry, or a hero/villain battle. Even if you’re not a superhero braniac, everyone knows the classics, so it’s easy to get involved! PS. no fighting over who gets to be Batman, the leading gent or lady get’s first dibs!



‘Easy as 123’


Anything But Clothes parties are highly popular amongst university student societies and freshers week organisers, but it’s a great way to get creative with your fancy dress on the cheap! You can wear whatever you want; there is only one rule. NO CLOTHES! Bin liners, duvets, pillowcases, duck tape, road signs, cardboard boxes… possibilities are endless. You can make it competitive, by rewarding the most creative creation with a free shot! You don’t have to worry about staining your expensive shirt or your favourite dress, and you cut out all of those hours agonising over what you are going to wear… and there’s nothing to wash. It’s all disposable. The true definition of cheap and cheerful.

Era’s and Sub-Cultures


‘When the past comes knocking, don’t answer it’

What’s your favourite decade? Are you into the glamour of the 1920’s gangsters and molls era of flapper dresses, tommy guns and jazz bars, or are you more inclined towards the flares, protests and flower power of the 60’s, or are you a double denim 90’s kid? Split it up even further, you’ve got skin heads, glam rockers, punks, riot girls… you could have a world of fun with these nostalgic, wacky and fun ideas! Costumes are easy to pick up from fancy dress retailers, or better yet, go DIY on some of your castaway clothes!




Simple. Wear something shit.

Normally, you glam yourselves up. Here you are asked to acquire the most grotesque, gaudy and ghastly garment you can locate. We’re talking colours that should not occupy the same room, let alone the same t-shirt, the boldest designs of flower prints and other unimaginable stripes, shapes and checks. Mix up your styles, colours, shapes and make sure you look like a fashion disaster taboo than socks and sandals! Charity shops, or cheaper high street stores are ideal places to find something to wear. You won’t have to worry about the shirt getting ruined with stains, rips or marks, because if you do it right, you’re never going to want to see it again!



“A Party! Let’s have a party!”

Last words of Margaret Sanger

Elvis Presley. Marylyn Monroe. Frank Sinatra. David Bowie. Pick a famous celebrity who has passed, and bring them back to life. Grab a bowler hat and tash and prance about as Charlie Chaplin, or find yourself an iconic beehive wig and refuse to go to rehab as Amy Winehouse. There’s a lot of history out there, so you’ll have plenty of famous faces to choose from.





‘A good (wo)man is hard to find’

A real classic. Pull out those seductive red/white stripy t-shirts, oldest cardboard denim jeans, beanies and specs, and hit the town in the masses! Whilst it’s unlikely that your normal wardrobe consists of all of these things, you can hit Primark, H&M, New Look or high street fancy dress shops to pull together your outfit, with minimal costs to you!



“Feel Sassy On Your Do!”

If you’re feeling particularly sexy there’s a range of products on the market to really make a sassy statement (don’t believe us then head over to Pleasure Delights, they’ve got some real boundary pushing stuff in their clothing section!). From the look of the school girl through to tight corsets and daring outfits – the sexy themed do is guaranteed to make heads turn!





Howdy! Grab your cowboy boots, hat and lasso and get ready to get rowdy in the saloon! Bring the wild west to your do, with cowboys, cowgirls, saloon girls, can-can dancers and sheriffs. Extra points if you bring a hobbyhorse!



‘If plan a fails, the alphabet has 25 more letters’

Here you get to choose to dress up as anything beginning with the letter of the hosts name! You’ll get a great mix of costumes, and the best/ most outrageous/ creative outfit wins a round of shots!




‘It’s not a crime to get drunk’

Split your group into halves, one half cops, one half robbers! Get on those stereotypical black striped garments, or your police outfits (not forgetting those handcuffs)- both easy to pick up in fancy dress shops, or from online retailers!


“I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints”

-Billy Joel

Naughty or nice, you decide! Angels, demons, devils, nuns, priests and whatever other creations you can think of!



Yes. We mean cross-dressing.

Forget your inhibitions, men’s shirts (on women), short skirts (on men) because why not!? It’s a great way to have lots of laughs on your night! Prize for the guy wearing the highest heels, and who manages to stay on their feet for the longest!

Fancy dress is a fun way to get everyone involved, and can be done as cheap or as extravagant as you want! It’ll make sure you get lots of hilarious photo’s that I’m sure will come back to haunt you one day… but all in the name of a great time!