Why Escape Rooms are a great idea for stag and hen weekends!

Grab your hens or stags and get ready for a heart racing sixty minutes of breaking free from an escape room! This one is perfect for a daytime activity, and isn’t too time consuming if you’ve got a lot planned. Escape rooms get everyone involved, and can be a great way to break the ice and get everyone interacting. Choose it from our list of activities and then let us plan it all for you.

What exactly is an Escape Room?

The name is on the can. We lock you away in one of two escape rooms, and then it’s up to you and your team to escape! Rooms are often themed, and you have to follow clues, figure out riddles and break codes to break free before your time runs out. Use your powers of observation and problem solving to figure out the way out.

Test your logic, and your friendships in these high pressure, time limited situations. It’s all make believe, but when you’re locked in there, it feels very real! There are two rooms operating, so if you book through us, we can accommodate for up to twenty people. Don’t worry if you have members in your group who don’t know each other. This activity is ideal for getting everyone to work as a team, so everyone will be chatting away (hopefully not arguing) in no time.

Keep calm and follow your instinct, or take control and become the leader. However your team chooses to work, we can guarantee a good giggle, even if you don’t escape! We promise comical panic, stress and frustration, and a lot of laughter. Again it’s a great activity for medium groups who want to enjoy something a bit more proactive and brainy.

Booking through us…

The easiest way to get onto this activity is by booking through us on the ‘build your own’ section of the website. Select your hotel and your activities, and we sort the rest for you. We recommend this activity for groups of up to twenty, and we advise consideration if anyone suffers from any kind of claustrophobia/ panic disorder that could be triggered.

Book now to avoid disappointment. Escape rooms are hugely popular amongst all ages and group types.