Stag games are a sure fire way to keep everyone laughing!

Keep the party lively with our list of stag games that’ll keep everyone drinking, laughing, and having a great time! We’ve put together a list of favourite games that you can play throughout the night whilst your bar hopping.

ATTENTION!stag games

At the beginning of the evening, every member of the stag party chooses a toy soldier from a bag (you know the ones: little, green, plastic). Each one should be poised in a different stance, and therefore each stag should have a different pose. Throughout the night, whenever the groom to be shouts “ATTENTION”, everyone must immediately jump into their selected stance! Last person to do so downs their drink.


Similar idea to ATTENTION. Fill a tub with paper scraps with celebrities, objects, actions and animals written on them. Each stag must select one, and this becomes their pose. Every time the groom shouts “WHO ARE YA?”, everyone must strike their pose (sound effects encouraged!). Last person to do so downs their drink, and poorest effort gets a shot!


One of the simplest stag games to play. Nominate one person at the beginning of the night to be the ‘shark spotter’. When they shout “SHARK” everyone must drop to the floor. Last person to do so downs their drink, and then becomes the new ‘shark spotter’.


stag gamesEveryone holds a coin in their hands. When the main stag says ‘knickers’ everyone opens up their hands to reveal heads or tails. Count the ratio of heads to tails and the players with the highest number of corresponding faces, are safe! Repeat  this process until the last person is left (after a round of three people). This person has lost the game, and subsequently has to wear a pair of flirty knickers over his trousers (or on his head).


Tell your stag party attendees to jot down a dare on a piece of paper for you to carry out, and ask them to read them out to you. Smile, laugh and announce that the name of the game is BACKFIRE and that each of them have to do their own dares! Joke’s on them!


This is one of our stag games that’s kind of stolen from American college culture. But it’s a fun game all the same! Split into two teams and face-off across a table, a cup of beer standing in front of each player. The first player on each team downs their drink and then attempts to flip it up and over so that it lands face down on the table. With each success, play moves along until one team have flipped all of their cups. It’s a lot harder than it looks!

Click here to watch Kate Upton smash this game against Jimmy Fallon!stag games


The first player starts the game by saying “fuzzy duck”. The next person must then say “ducky fuzz”. This alternation continues until someone messes up or takes too long to answer. Further rules include players saying, “Does he fuck?” to change the direction of play. A player can then say, “Fuck, he does” to immediately revert to the direction the game was already going in. A player must drink if he/she says the wrong thing, speaks out of turn, or breaks the established rhythm. Sounds easy right? Drink a few beers and then see how you get on!