Resolve those pesky dilemmas and pave the way for that perfect hen/stag do!

Stag and hen parties are arguably the biggest celebrations that people plan pre-wedding day. It’s unavoidable that you’re going to have to make some pretty big decisions and tackle some dilemmas to ensure the perfect do. We’ve put together some of the common problems/ decisions people have to make, so you can get all the details spot on!

Separate or joint do?

Are you looking at separate stag and hen celebrations? Or would you rather celebrate together? A joint party/ do is perfect for couples who share a lot of the same friends. Alternatively, some people will prefer the traditional girls / lads night out. After all, the couple have got the rest of their lives together right? I’m sure one night apart won’t hurt! Either way, this decision should be made based on who you both would want to invite to separate celebrations. If they overlap a lot, a joint party is ideal. You shouldn’t celebrate together based on distrust, or just not wanting to be apart. A night with friends will be just as much fun!


Is your head stag/hen a fan of surprises or do they like to be in control? A lot of friends of the bride and groom voiced this as one of the biggest dilemmas. You have to decide whether you want to plan the celebration on behalf of the couple, or whether they’d rather organise it themselves. There is, of course, some middle ground here, and it is important to include the couple in any important decisions (time/ cost related decisions). Surprises are a great idea for those who like to be at the centre of attention, or enjoy VIP treatment, but shier people might prefer being included in the decision making.

Mum’s and Dad’s of the couple

Parents want to be involved in everything leading up to the big day. But hen and stag parties aren’t always the most parent-friendly events. We’re not assuming anything- the mother of the bride might enjoy shotting some tequila and dancing on a table- no judgements! However you’ve got to judge whether the activities planned are entirely suitable. Most people get around this by planning a variety of activities, some more appropriate for certain people than others. This is also an important consideration for those underage attendees who can’t join you clubbing.

Strippers… or not?

It can be fun. Or it can be a disaster. Shier and more timid characters can be completely intimidated, embarrassed and humiliated by someone shaking their bum in front of them. For others it can be the most outrageous fun they can get away with! This is definitely a decision you’ll have to make based on the personality of the bride/groom to be. It’s probably also worth taking into account how the couple will feel about their respective partners enjoying a lap dance from a stranger!

How long will the celebration last?

Most people now stretch out the celebrations over a weekend. That way you can cram in a lot more, and you can host a variety of different activities that can include everyone of all ages. The biggest consideration you have to think about here is the cost. The longer the celebration, the larger the costs, and this might be a problem for some of your guests. You definitely have to consider the affordability of your plans, and also think about people having to book time off work!


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