Date-spiration: spend quality romantic time with your loved one without breaking the bank.

Set a night aside each week and dedicate it to your partner. It’s important to always make time for each other, and to always put in the effort. Planning a weekly or fortnightly date night is an ideal way to carve out some space around work and other life commitments. However, a date night doesn’t have to mean three course meals and bottles of champagne. We understand that money does not grown on trees (Theresa May confirms), so we’ve stepped in to help. Below you’ll find a list of super cute, budget dating ideas that are special, but not pricey!


Pack up your favourite nibbles, grab a blanket, choose a nice day and head out to the nearest park or coast. Enjoy the sunshine whilst you feast upon all your favourite treats, and a nice cool glass of Pimms and lemonade. Alternatively, for those chilly winter evenings, get a fire pit/ burner going, brew some cocoa and snuggle together under some warm duvets and blankets.

Bike Ride

Choose a pretty trail and hit the road together. Woodlands, country lanes, and coastlines are  the perfect setting for a nice romantic cycle. Plan your route so that you pass by a quirky cafe or traditional pub half way so you can grab some grub and a drink to give you a midway boost.


If two wheels aren’t your think, swap the bicycle for a pair of sturdy walking boots, and take to the nearest trek trails. Whether you’re one for scaling cliffs, ambling through forest meadows, or riverside walking, hikes are a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and give you both some space from reality. Enjoy nature, and the opportunity it gives you both to connect and converse away from the chaos.

DIY Spa Night

Who say’s spas have to be expensive. Borrow a kids paddling pool and gazebo and bring the spa to your own garden. Set up the paddling pool inside the gazebo, fill it with warm water and plenty of bubbles. Decorate the gazebo with fairy lights, candles (please be careful with the flames) and flower petals, and put on some music. Set up a tray with your choice of refreshments and some chocolate snacks. Climb in and feel pampered and indulged. You’ll forget that you’re not actually in a Hilton resort.

Duvet Day

Brew some cocoa, grab all your comfort blankets, pillows and duvets and snuggle up on the couch ready for a film/series marathon. Make sure you’re armed with plenty of treats, sweets and drinks so you can just sit back and relax. You don’t have to do anything to spend quality time together. Just taking a day off from running around doing errands and enjoying each others company is the perfect day-date.

Make a Pillow Fort

Release your inner child and build yourself your very own pillow fort. Forget all your adult responsibilities and build yourselves a warm, comfy hideaway where you can retreat to for some one on one time, to watch a film, chat or fill your faces with goodies!


Choose your favourite cake and get yourself into the kitchen. Whip together all your ingredients, and watch as your creation bakes away in the oven. Even if you’re about as far away from Mary Berry as one can be, you’ll still have a good laugh making a mess of the kitchen. Plus, if your cake does turn out to be edible, you get to eat all of it between the two of you! What could be better?

Bury a Time Capsule in the yard

Together, collect news clippings, significant items and write a letter to the future you. Seal them in something sturdy, and that won’t decay/rot etc. Find a spot in the back garden, or somewhere else significant, and bury it under the ground and leave it for a set amount of year (10-15 years is the usual). When the time has elapsed, set yourself a new date night, dig it up and rediscover the things you sealed away. Cute!

Watch the Stars

Choose a clear, cloudless night and find somewhere dark. Away from all the street lights, and the light pollution of city life. Lay out a blanket, and a couple of pillows and enjoy the twinkling stars. For a bit of added specialness, take a long a bottle of something to sip on whilst stargazing. There’s not much else that’s more romantic than that!

What do you do?

How do you celebrate your date night? Have you got any more ideas or stories that you’d like to share? If you do, Stag and Hen Newcastle would love to hear all about them! Just drop your message in the comments below and share your thoughts.