Kinda ‘date’ ideas for when you’re too busy to go all out!

Life is hectic. These days everyone is running around at a hundred miles an hour, with a to do list as long as Jack’s beanstalk. This means that it’s hard to find time to spend with your partner/spouse. It’s super important that you enjoy quality time together in your relationship, but we know that that’s easier said than done. You might both work, or you have young children, or you travel a lot, or maybe you’re in a long distance relationship. Whatever it is that’s gobbling up your time, it makes it difficult. Don’t worry, because help is at hand. Scroll down below for our ‘date’ ideas that are easy to implement into your busy schedules.

Enjoy a Night in

Don’t assume that date night has to be going out somewhere special every time. Sure, it’s nice every once in a while, but staying in is less time consuming, and saves you a few pennies! Forget having to get dolled up and find a babysitter. Instead, kick back in your PJ’s, order a takeaway, and watch a film. Easy peasy.

Lunch Break Catch Up’s

Listen to this secret… date night doesn’t have to be at night. Finding an evening where you’re both free might be impossible because of work commitments or whatever. Instead, look at when your coffee and lunch breaks are, and arrange to meet up somewhere centrally to grab a sarnie together. It might only be for twenty minutes, but it’ll give you a nice bit of time together. It slots into your day perfectly!

Evening Stroll

Enjoy a quiet evening, or morning, walk together. This can take as long as you want it to, which means it’s totally flexible around your busy schedule. Getting outdoors will relax and refresh you, ready for either a good nights sleep, or a productive day at work. The peace of the morning, or evening will give you plenty of time to talk and catch up, and just be in each others companies without constant interruptions.


Grab a blanket, or several, and a thermos with hot cocoa, and head out to your garden. Make sure it’s a clear night before you head out to make sure you’ll get the best view of all the constellations in the night sky. This one is particularly good if you live away from the overwhelming lights of the city, as you’ll have the sharpest and clearest view of the stars. Be awestruck at the beauty of the night sky together. It’s a beautiful date idea, which allows you both to fully relax and enjoy the beauty that the world and universe has to offer. It’ll help you forget all of that paperwork you have to do on Monday morning, even just for a few minutes.

Lazy Sunday Mornings

On your day off, don’t get up at the crack of dawn. Allow yourselves to lounge around in bed together. Relax, let your body recover from a hectic week, snuggle, and talk. Enjoy the slow pace of the only morning you have off in the week, and relish in the fact that you don’t have to rush around. Enjoy each others company, and take it easy.

What do you think to our starter-list of suggestions?

Obviously there’s loads of other little ways you can express your love for each other, besides this very short list of ideas. (We’re just the inspiration, we can’t do ALL the work for you!) What do you do to schedule quality relationship time into your hectic schedules? Give us your busy couple ‘date’ ideas in the comments below- we’d love to hear from you!