Stay Safe on Your Hen/Stag Do: Top tips to make sure you have a great nightstay safe

Handy Tips on How to Make Sure you Stay Safe in your Night Out! Make sure you have a fantastic night and stay safe with our list of handy tips below. We all hate stolen items, getting lost, and injuries, so we’re here to help you avoid all of that. Avoid the stress, and take […]

History Lesson: Why are they called STAG and HEN parties?history

The History Behind the meaning of a Stag and Hen Party Drink, dance, laugh, and drink some more. We all love a good party before we settle down and tie the knot. But have you ever thought about why we call hen and stag parties what we do? Here’s a little fun fact from history that explains the […]

Punniest Fancy Dress Ideas for your Stag and Hen partypunniest fancy dress

6 of the Punniest Fancy Dress costumes for your hen and stag party weekends! Are you bored of the usual costume ideas? Enjoy your hen and stag party with a fancy dress theme as diverse as it is fun. Challenge your invitees to come dressed in the punniest fancy dress outfit they can come up with. […]

Escape Rooms! A new trend for stag and hen partiesescape rooms

Why Escape Rooms are a great idea for stag and hen weekends! Grab your hens or stags and get ready for a heart racing sixty minutes of breaking free from an escape room! This one is perfect for a daytime activity, and isn’t too time consuming if you’ve got a lot planned. Escape rooms get […]

Boat Party! Cruise along the River Tyne in style for your hen and stag partiesboat party

Climb on board and celebrate your last night of freedom with a boat party! Want something special for your last night of freedom? Here at Stag and Hen Newcastle, we cater to every taste, and if you’re looking to live the life of luxury for one night, look no further. Cruise down the River Tyne […]

Dilemmas and Considerations: Getting the details right is fundamental to a great stag/hen dodilemmas

Resolve those pesky dilemmas and pave the way for that perfect hen/stag do! Stag and hen parties are arguably the biggest celebrations that people plan pre-wedding day. It’s unavoidable that you’re going to have to make some pretty big decisions and tackle some dilemmas to ensure the perfect do. We’ve put together some of the […]

Zorbing! Why zorbing is the perfect activity for your hen and stag parties!zorbing

What is Zorbing and why is it now so popular? Zorbing is an extreme sport, but not like anything else you’ve experienced. David and Andrew Akers first spun out the idea in New Zealand in the mid 90’s, and since then it has taken off around the world. The activity itself is simple… climb inside […]

Hangover from Hell? Top tips for avoiding and curing those awful hangover symptoms!hangover

Suffering from a hangover? Did you enjoy your stag and hen do a little too much? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Dizziness, splitting headaches, sickness, and the shakes. That god awful hangover. Most of us have experienced those self-pitiful, painful mornings after, full of regret and questions of why we do this to ourselves. […]

Playlist Perfection: The ultimate ready-made soundtracks for pre-party antics that suit anybody’s taste!playlist

Finding the Perfect Playlist! You can’t have the ultimate pre-night-out get together, without the perfect playlist. Get ready for your hen or stag party to the perfect soundtrack. Whatever music you’re into, there’s bound to be a ready made mix tape (or digital version) that’s perfect to put on in the background. Stag and Hen […]

Newcastle: Why the toon is the best place for your hen and stag do!newcastle

The top reasons Newcastle is a number 1 city for hen and stag parties! You probably won’t find a list of stag and hen party cities, without Newcastle being somewhere near the top. But what makes this North East city such a good choice for a stag or hen weekend? Ask no more. At Stag […]