Binge-worthy TV Series For Couples Nights In!binge-worthy

Date nights can be expensive, so here’s our favourite binge-worthy series for those cosy nights in! Find your perfect show from our list of binge-worthy TV masterpieces below! You won’t know where to start, as our compilation will leave you spoilt for choice! Whether you like crime, romance, comedy or something a bit more psychological, […]

Proposal perfection- how to ask someone to be your life partner

How to pop the question for the perfect proposal! Asking someone to spend the rest of their lives with you is a pretty HUGE deal! So, you’ve realy got to pull out all the stops and make the moment unique and unforgettable for you both. Giving the perfect proposal can take quite a bit of thought […]

Five signs that tell you you are ready to marry your partnermarry

Are you ready to marry them? Getting married is a milestone. It’s a huge decision that you have to make. So it’s important that you know that you are completely committed and ready for that step. Every relationship is different, but a lot of the indicators are the same. When you’ve found your other half, […]

Valentines Day- Where did it all begin?valentines day

The Origins of Valentines Day- there’s more to it than you think! Valentines Day is about more than soppy romantic gestures and the celebration of love. The origins of the holiday are a bit dark and twisted, and a little bit obscure! We all love a good mystery, right? Well, although nobody has ever been […]

Online Dating: Top Benefits to finding love onlineonline dating

The Positives of Online Dating! Online dating has it’s criticisms. But, did you know that 1 in 5 people now find a partner online? It’s true! So there must be something about it that works, right? The world is becoming more digitised by the day, and it’s therefore natural that dating has moved into the […]

‘Date’ ideas for when you don’t have time for dating'date' ideas

Kinda ‘date’ ideas for when you’re too busy to go all out! Life is hectic. These days everyone is running around at a hundred miles an hour, with a to do list as long as Jack’s beanstalk. This means that it’s hard to find time to spend with your partner/spouse. It’s super important that you […]

New Years Resolutions for 2018 that are Perfect for Couples!new years resolutions

5 Awesome new years resolutions you can make with your partner! Happy New Year from all of us at Stag and Hen Newcastle! We hope that you celebrated with all your friends and families, and that 2018 will bring you everything you need. We’re back online and here to talk about new years resolutions! One […]

Winter date ideas for those dark cold nights!winter date

Bring the Love this Season with our Winter Date Ideas! The cold, dark nights can sometimes seem endless, and it doesn’t always set up the right mood for romance. But don’t let the frosty bite in the air keep you from setting aside quality time for you and your loved one. Whether you want to […]

Long-Distance Relationships- Does absence make the heart grow fonder?long-distance relationships

The Truth About Long-Distance Relationships You’ve probably got some romanticised view on long-distance relationships, and you can probably blame the likes of Nicholas Sparks for that. But the truth is, it’s not all handwritten letters, surprise visits and happy reunions. It can be months spent apart, feelings of loneliness and loss, and that unending feeling of […]

Dating Questions: How to get to know you’re date without being boring!dating

Fun dating questions that let you get to know each other, but don’t make the date dull! You’re dating. Maybe it’s your first date? Or you’re heading to a speed dating event to try and find ‘the one’. It’s all about getting to know each other, and making good first impressions. You want to ask […]