Bride Dares! The funniest dares for the bride on her hen do!bride

Hilarious Dares for your Bride-to-Be and her party girls! Make the hen party a truly unforgettable night for the bride with our hilarious dares that’ll have everyone laughing. Come up with a list of dares, and a point scoring system for the night beforehand so you can keep a tally on how she does. The […]

Regrets and What to Expect the morning after your big night out

Expect a few Regrets the Morning After the Night Before… You’ve sat and planned your hen or stag party down to a tee, or if you’re smart you’ve let us do all the leg work for you. It’s been one of the biggest nights of your life. And then comes the morning after, and there’s more […]

Hangover from Hell? Top tips for avoiding and curing those awful hangover symptoms!hangover

Suffering from a hangover? Did you enjoy your stag and hen do a little too much? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Dizziness, splitting headaches, sickness, and the shakes. That god awful hangover. Most of us have experienced those self-pitiful, painful mornings after, full of regret and questions of why we do this to ourselves. […]

#topbanter: Seven stag games to play during your bash!stag games

Stag games are a sure fire way to keep everyone laughing! Keep the party lively with our list of stag games that’ll keep everyone drinking, laughing, and having a great time! We’ve put together a list of favourite games that you can play throughout the night whilst your bar hopping. ATTENTION! At the beginning of […]

More Drinking Games for your pre-party

Need some drinking games inspiration? We’ve all been there. We’ve all been that one person who only knows one other person at the party. And god forbid they need a toilet break and leave you with that group of strangers! Alas! Party/ drinking games are a relaxed, fun way to get everyone comfortable around each […]

Hangover Cures

THE CURE TO HANGOVERS! BEFORE THE NIGHT… Line your stomach… We all have that one friend who thinks its clever not to eat anything all day then goes out drinking on am empty stomach, yes that’s why she ends up tucked up in bed by 10pm! The simple solution is to eat a greasy meal […]