WHO’S IT FOR Never Give Up is for a group of friends who’ll need individual strengths to tackle our different challenges: mental, skill and physical. THE GAMES Take on various challenges to successfully complete each type of game. 1 or 2 players can play each game while the rest of your team shout instructions through […]

Binge-worthy TV Series For Couples Nights In!binge-worthy

Date nights can be expensive, so here’s our favourite binge-worthy series for those cosy nights in! Find your perfect show from our list of binge-worthy TV masterpieces below! You won’t know where to start, as our compilation will leave you spoilt for choice! Whether you like crime, romance, comedy or something a bit more psychological, […]

April Fools Day- easy ways to prank your pals!

April fools day- the perfect excuse to prank your pals! Whether it’s for a stag/ hen do or just in general, April fools day gives the perfect opportunity for some good old fashioned fun! We’ve put together some of our favourite pranks for you to enjoy. Kick back, give it a read, and get started […]

Sober Celebrations: The benefits to an alcohol free hen and stag weekend!sober

The advantages of celebrating your final nights of freedom sober! Sobriety will not be the first thing that pops into mind when you think about a hen or stag party. You will probably picture dancing, loud music, beer, wines, champagne, sambuca shots, tequila shots, sourz shots. TOO MANY SHOTS, followed by inevitably holding back your […]

Dating Questions: How to get to know you’re date without being boring!dating

Fun dating questions that let you get to know each other, but don’t make the date dull! You’re dating. Maybe it’s your first date? Or you’re heading to a speed dating event to try and find ‘the one’. It’s all about getting to know each other, and making good first impressions. You want to ask […]

Skincare routines that will guarantee a gorgeous glow for you wedding day!skincare

Start these amazing skincare routines two months before you wedding for perfect skin on your big day! A great skincare routine is so important to make sure you look and feel great for your wedding day. Life can be chaotic, and the added stress of wedding planning is bound to take its toll. Here at […]

Escape Rooms! A new trend for stag and hen partiesescape rooms

Why Escape Rooms are a great idea for stag and hen weekends! Grab your hens or stags and get ready for a heart racing sixty minutes of breaking free from an escape room! This one is perfect for a daytime activity, and isn’t too time consuming if you’ve got a lot planned. Escape rooms get […]

Date Inspiration for Couples on a Budgetdate

Date-spiration: spend quality romantic time with your loved one without breaking the bank. Set a night aside each week and dedicate it to your partner. It’s important to always make time for each other, and to always put in the effort. Planning a weekly or fortnightly date night is an ideal way to carve out […]

Boat Party! Cruise along the River Tyne in style for your hen and stag partiesboat party

Climb on board and celebrate your last night of freedom with a boat party! Want something special for your last night of freedom? Here at Stag and Hen Newcastle, we cater to every taste, and if you’re looking to live the life of luxury for one night, look no further. Cruise down the River Tyne […]

Pregnant Brides: Top hen do ideas for brides who are pregnantpregnant

Hen do‘s can be difficult to plan, but even more so with a pregnant bride! With a pregnant bride to be, selecting suitable activities can be a bit more challenging. You need to carefully select activities that are safe and suitable for an expecting bride! Avoid alcohol, vigorous exercise, and tiring activities. Focus on choosing things […]