Hilarious Dares for your Bride-to-Be and her party girls!

Make the hen party a truly unforgettable night for the bride with our hilarious dares that’ll have everyone laughing. Come up with a list of dares, and a point scoring system for the night beforehand so you can keep a tally on how she does. The more humiliating the dare, the more you score. Keep track on your scores throughout the night, and set a finishing time for the game! Whoever has the most points by the end of the game gets a prize, and the loser gets a forfeit!


Before the hen party, make sure you have the dare cards ready with the dare written on them, and the points up for grabs.

Each person takes a turn to pick a card, starting with the bride.

They then have ten minutes to accept and complete the challenge or they lose the points/ have a forfeit.

The person who collects the most dare points, wins.


10 Point Dares

  1. Do a shot of Sambuca
  2. Convince a stranger to do a tequila slammer with you
  3. Hug a stranger
  4. Ask the bartender for a free drink
  5. Pass your number to a random person and wink suggestively
  6. Sing loudly and badly to the next song, slurring your words and making up lyrics.

25 Point Dares

  1. Flirt with the bartender
  2. Request the cheesiest or most childish song off the DJ and dedicate it to yourself
  3. Kiss a bald mans head
  4. Run your hands through a hairy mans chest
  5. Down your drink

50 Point Dares

  1. Dirty dance with the oldest man in the room
  2. Approach a stranger and pretend you’ve known him for years
  3. Convince a stranger you are famous/ from reality show/ loosely related to the royals
  4. Ask a man for change for the condom machine
  5. Get a guy to sing to you
  6. Talk to someone for 5 minutes with a convincing accent
  7. Get a piggy back ride from a stranger
  8. Do your loudest and proudest impression of a monkey for 30 seconds
  9. Strike a pose and hold it for 1-2 minutes, statue still and without laughing

100 Point Dares

  1. Walk around with your skirt tucked in your knickers for ten minutes (or hang toilet tissue from your trouser waist band).
  2. Swap an item of clothing with a man.
  3. Borrow a man’s mobile and ring the last person he called and have a conversation with them
  4. Get the bouncer to wear an item of your hen costume (sash, tiara, badge) and get a photograph with them
  5. Do a sexy dance to the next song (even if it is Cotton Eye Joe)
  6. Ring your Mum and tell her the weddings off or convince her you’ve eloped instead
  7. Walk over to a guy carrying two or more drinks, take one, and thank him for his generosity
  8. Dance alone, very flamboyantly in the middle of a group of strangers
  9. Go and propose to a random man!
  10. Scream I want to be a bride, who will marry me!? At the top of your voice.

We’re sure you’ve got up to more mischief than we could ever come up with here!

So if you have more dare ideas, or have some embarrassing stories to tell us, share it in the comments below. Plus don’t forget that if you haven’t planned your hen or stag do yet, it’s nothing to panic about! Here at Stag and Hen Newcastle, we’ve got expert party planners on hand to sort it all out for you. Simply visit our package page here