Date nights can be expensive, so here’s our favourite binge-worthy series for those cosy nights in!

Find your perfect show from our list of binge-worthy TV masterpieces below! You won’t know where to start, as our compilation will leave you spoilt for choice! Whether you like crime, romance, comedy or something a bit more psychological, we’ve covered all the bases so you can sit back and relax!


Watch Mike Ross, college drop out, land himself the perfect job working alongside the best lawyer in New York City at one of the biggest Law Firms. Problem is, he never went to law school and he’s no Harvard Lawyer, which means there’s gonna be a few bullets to dodge during his illegitimate legal career!

Game of Thrones

You start this, you have got to be prepared to commit. And pro  tip… don’t get too attached to characters because George R Martin likes killing em off! Families battle for the Iron Throne during this fantastical HBO series with plenty of plot twists, gore, magic, dragons, and ice-zombies. Once you finally get to remembering everyone’s names, you’ll love the show!

The Walking Dead

Enjoy a good zombie apocalypse? Follow a group of survivors on their journey across the USA as they try to dodge zombies, avoid contracting the virus, and try and stay clear of other hostile survivors. With their lives at risk, tensions running high, and a lack of trust in anybody, zombies might just be the least of their worries!

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Not for the easily offended. Horrifically politically incorrect humour, narcisism, crudeness, rudeness and outright disgraceful comedy. The show follows the lives of a group of horrible people who claim to be friends, but really enjoy backstabbing and offending each other (and the entire world) whilst running their very own bar in Philadelphia. Give it a go, if you think your humour can handle it!

Chicago Fire

This show has it all. Relationships, romance, great plot lines and stories, and plenty of action, making it the perfect go to for couples. Watch as the firefighters and paramedics at Firehouse 51 tackle city blazes, corrupt cops, illnesses, loss and grief and all the normal lifestyle drama. Definitely one that keeps you hooked throughout every episode!


Sam and Dean travel America fighting ghosts, demons, witches and god knows what other horrors Hell has in store for humankind. With the perfect balance of emotional tearjerkers, suspense and horror, and comedy, this one is ideal for couples who like a mix of everything, and enjoy something a bit more spooky! With 13 seasons and counting, this one is definitely a binge-worthy classic that’ll last you!!

Stranger Things

Take it back tot 80’s with a group of super cool kids who end up fighting off creatures of another dimension to save their friend who went missing in the woods. This science fiction-horror web series on Netflix captures the right amount of supernatural scares and authentic friendships, as well as presenting us with a killer 80’s vibe through fashion, the soundtrack, and one-liner references. Honestly, just go watch it. You won’t be disappointed.

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