Calling all Karaoke Kings and Queens!

Grab a microphone and belt out some classic karaoke hits to liven up your stag and hen party! Newcastle hosts a number of bars offering karaoke (Moji Restaurant, TigerTiger, and Cosey Joes), so you can embody your inner Shania Twain or Bryan Adams. To help you choose your perfect songs, here’s some singspiration!

Twenty-Five Karaoke Classics!

ABBA- Dancing Queen

You can dance, you can jive… so have the time of your life with this classic hit!

SHANIA TWAIN- Man I Feel Like a Woman

Men’s shirts, short skirts, and some hilariously bad singing.

BRIAN ADAMS- Summer of 69′

Take it back to the good ol’ days with this nostalgic belter!

BON JOVI- Living on a Prayer

If you’ve had a few drinks and you’re more than half way there (by there we mean drunken oblivion), embody Jon Bon Jovi and take the stage with this classic!

GUNS N’ ROSES- Sweet Child O’ Mine

Air guitar is mandatory.

WHITNEY HOUSTON- I Will Always Love You

Hit that note. Yes that note… you know which one we mean.

MICHAEL JACKSON- The Way You Make Me Feel

Fun, funky and forever a favourite.


A guilty pleasure for everyone. You all know the words, I doubt you even need them on screen!

BONNIE TYLER- Total Eclipse of the Heart

You’ll be giving off sparks with this 80’s masterpiece. Nail Bonnie Tyler’s and you’re owed a drink!


Tell me why… you wouldn’t pick this song. You all love it really.

ADELE- Rolling in the Deep

Play it to the beat and brave an Adele number. We dare you.

TAKE THAT- Relight my Fire

Prize for the tightest, campest clothing. See the music video for some inspiration.


We might all be blessed with love, but we’re probably not blessed with the voice of angels.

BILLY JOEL- Uptown Girl

Are you an uptown boy or a downtown man?

KID ROCK- All Summer Long

Tune into some US country vibes with this number and get out your air guitars.

MAROON 5- She Will Be Loved

You might not still be that beauty queen of 18, but wail the lyrics to this sweet song and share lots of wobbly group hugs.


A great song to shout along to and divulge into some great jumpy dance moves!

BLINK-182- All The Small Things

Work sucks. I know. But you’ve got the weekend to enjoy yourselves, so take it back to the days of immature youth and sing away to Blink’s most famous hit!

PARAMORE- Still Into You

I should hope that you’re still into your fiance/ fiancé, so this songs perfect to express how you haven’t gotten over those butterflies after all this time!

KINGS OF LEON- Sex on Fire

That chorus is just dying for karaoke!

WHEATUS- Teenage Dirtbag

A classic. We need say no more.

KATY PERRY- Teenage Dream

Relive your teenage years with this upbeat, careless classic about young love and freedom!


You won’t be able to resist singing along.

LADY GAGA- Just Dance

Do it. Dance. Sing. Have fun! This song is the epitome of a great time!

ONE DIRECTION- That’s What Makes You Beautiful

Everyone else in the room can see it. It doesn’t matter how much you object, you have a soft spot for the 1D boys.

Nothing take your fancy?

These are just some of our personal favourites, but we know you pro-karaoke stars might have some tricks up your sleeves! Share your karaoke favourites in the comments section below if you think we’ve missed some absolute smash hits (video evidence is much appreciated).