Avoiding those awkward hen hiccups and mishaps!

Are you worrying about things going wrong or getting a a bit awkward at your hen party? It’s perfectly natural! Bringing together big groups of people with different interests can pose some challenges. But don’t panic! We’ve got some great advice to hand on how to keep the party running smooth and to make sure you have a great time.

Bridging the Gap Between Friendship Groups

The likelihood is you will bring together different groups of people for your hen party. From work colleagues and old school friends, to family and neighbours. The only thing they’re all guaranteed to have in common, is you. Avoid awkward small talk, and meaningless chit chat, by getting everyone together in a social setting (maybe even before the actual hen do) so that everyone is familiar and comfortable with everyone. Play some silly games, with a few drinks if that helps soften the setting, or go out for a group meal. This means that nobody is going to be left with a complete stranger, and it eases the pressure on the hen to make sure everyone is okay on the night!

Busy, Busy, Busy…

Don’t try and cram in too much at the expense of enjoyment! Avoid dragging everyone around to a strict timetable. This is supposed to be a fun occasion after all, not a school style trip, so make sure you allow time to relax and enjoy yourselves. Make room for delays by being lenient with your schedule and generous with your time. After all, nobody wants to be running around from one activity to the next. They’ll probably just get tired, and maybe a bit annoyed at being rushed around. Just relax! Have fun! And chill!

Wardrobe Malfunctions

Awkward clothing mishaps happen to us all. Avoid the panic of a snapped strap and head out prepared. Pack some safety pins, roll up tights and plasters so you can fix up those inevitable snags and tears. This way you’re sorted for the minor issues that fashion may throw at you, and you’ll be prepared to patch things up and carry on partying!

VIP’s don’t queue!

Skip the club lines and avoid having to wait outside (especially if it’s cold and raining). Make sure you’ve signed yourselves up for guest list entry or queue jumps and enjoy the real VIP treatment. Look into booking tables in clubs is definitely worth looking into for ways to maximise your experience because they’ll often throw in free drinks and deals for you! What more could you ask for? Make the most of your time and money in the easiest way possible. Plus, everyone loves freebies!


Don’t worry too much! Everything will go to plan, and if it doesn’t, you can sort it out there and then. There’s no point in sweating over the small details, or else you’re going to spoil your own night. Let it play out and just adapt to circumstances as they happen. Being open to change will ensure you have a much more enjoyable night, and everyone else will feel more relaxed if you are too!