April fools day- the perfect excuse to prank your pals!

Whether it’s for a stag/ hen do or just in general, April fools day gives the perfect opportunity for some good old fashioned fun! We’ve put together some of our favourite pranks for you to enjoy. Kick back, give it a read, and get started on some pranking! Here are our fave five, easy pranks for you to try out!

Balloon bombardment!

Fill your friends bedroom or bathroom with balloons, so as soon as they open the door they are attacked by hundreds of balloons! Make sure you film it so that you can truly capture the moment! If you can’t be bothered with inflating loads- stick ten or twenty to a window pane on the door to give the impression of a full room of balloons. This is a uni classic!

There’s a leak coming your ceiling!

Sellotape a leek to your pals ceiling, and send them a message panicking telling them there is a leak on their ceiling! When they return, you can enjoy the look on their face when they realise their room is water free and is in fact just a vegetable stuck to the roof!

Insect Lamp!

Cut out some silhouettes of creepy crawlies and tac them to the inside of someone’s lampshades. When they turn on the light, you can delight in their horror at the cockroach or spider shadow you have cleverly crafted. This one is perfect for the squeamish ones or those who are freaked out by bugs!

Fog horn!

If your pal has an office chair they’re really asking for trouble! Attach an air horn to the base so that when they sit down, they’ll be on for a noisy surprise! Alternatively, if they’re more of an armchair kinda guy/gal, hide a good old fashioned woopie cushion under their favourite spot. Classic fart sound. Everyone’s loves a traditional prank!

Toffee Apples?

Everyone loves a good toffee apple. But that’s a bit boring. Replace those lush green apples with onion and watch the horror in their eyes as they realise what they’ve just eaten. A tantalising trick for every tastebud!