What do you really need to hand for your hen party?

So you’re almost ready to hit the town, and now you face the dilemma of trying to cram your entire makeup collection, plus your huge purse with all of your store cards in, and a plethora of other useless items you won’t need for your hen party. Other than your phone, hotel key card and a small ‘going out’ purse, you really only need a handful of other small items to keep you fresh and having a good night!


Especially in Newcastle where the weather can be a little on the cold side, a small hen partyChapstick/ Vaseline will keep your lips soft and glossy all night long. Plus if you put it over some matt lip tint (like Rimmel Provocalips which literally lasts all night and sometimes a bit longer!) then you can show off that bold colour without having to carry a range of lipsticks around with you all night!


When you’re dancing the night away in crowded clubs with drinks of who-knows-what getting spilt on you, it’s normal to get a bit sweaty and embody that lovely odour of vodka stuck to your clothes. A handbag size body spray, or a perfume atomiser are ideal for clutch bags and small handbags. That way you can go wild on your hen party, whilst still smelling great!


After a few two many tequila slammers, that undying taste can start to become more than a little unpleasant. A pack of chewing gum or some tic tacs can freshen up your mouth and get rid of that groggy taste, so you can carry on enjoying your hen party without worrying about putting people off with smelly breath!


We all know you’re going to be wearing some absolutely stunning, killer stilettos, and we also know some of you are going to be a few hours in before those beautiful shoes start cutting into your feet. But should that stop you having fun on a hen party? Absolutely not! But nobody likes a blister on a big night out! So pack a couple of plasters in your bag ready for the moment your shoes turn against you! With your feet taken care of, you can carry on dancing the night away till the early hours!


Alternatively, you could pack in some roll up dolly shoes if you reckon the heels really would win the battle. However, you then have the problem of carrying your stilettos throughout the hen party. What was that lyric Jessie J sang? “Heels so high that you can’t even have a good time?”… maybe if heels aren’t your thing, just strut your stuff in some sassy flat shoes instead- it’ll save you a lot of hassle in the long run, and no doubt your feet will thank you for it!


By the end of a good hen party, I guarantee long hair is the enemy. You’re hot, sweaty and your hair is just getting in the way. A bobble and a few bobby pins means you can fix up your hair, and keep it out of your face so it doesn’t become too annoying!


We’ve all done it. Whether it’s on a wood splint from a pub table, or on a false nail, we’ve all looked down in horror as we realise we’ve put a huge ladder in our tights. You can pick up packs of tights that are ready rolled into small packages, easy to slip into your handbag. That way, when disaster strikes, you’re prepared!


The likelihood is that one of you is going to have some kind of wardrobe malfunction. A broken bra strap, a top that hangs to lose, a broken button on your jeans or skirt. But there’s not really much that a safety pin can’t help you with!


If you’re bad at directions, or unfamiliar with the city, one of the best tips I was ever told is to put the address in your ‘maps app’ and ‘pin’ it there so you can go back and see where you’re hotel is, even if you run out of Internet data. This is a really great tip for making sure you get home safely at the end of the night!


Again, more of a safety pointer. You don’t want to be stranded with no cash and not knowing where the closest ATM is at the end of the night. Try putting enough money in a section of your bag separate to your spending pennies, so that you know that is your taxi money for the ride home. Alternatively you can use Uber, whereby you pay directly from your bank account- so it might be worth downloading the app before you head out!